Cine Box APK

Cine Box APK is a great app to bring you all the latest movies and TV Shows.  The Movies and TV Shows are available to stream and download for your convenience.  This app works brilliantly on android devices from phones, to tablets, boxes, and firesticks.  Amazon’s Fire Devices do require a little help of a Mouse Toggle Air Mouse app to improve functionality.  For a guide on downloading and installing this Toggle Air Mouse app visit  Cine Box is what we refer to as a third-party app; this means it comes from a source other than Google’s Play Store.  Due to this you will be required to turn on install from unknown sources in your device.  Typically it can  be found by following these easy steps:

  • Settings
  • Security
  • Unknown Sources – Make sure the box is checked

Cine Box Apk

You can then download the following APK/App :-

Cine Player App

You will also need the Cine Player App; which is available directly from the Google Play Store here:-  to enable you to play the streams.

Once You Have Downloaded And Installed The App

Cine Player

After You Have Chosen Your Stream

Cine Box Movies

So you have found the Movie or Tv Show you wish to watch; now what do you do?  It is quite simply just click on it and you will see something similar to the screen above.  This is where you tap on the stream available for your chosen media and providing you have installed the cine player app you should be good.  Your media content will start streaming and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your evening.

 To Download Or Opt For A Custom Player

Download movie

Once you have started your stream you can then decide if you would like to stream with another player.  To do this tap on the square with the upward facing arrow in the top corner. This can be used to opt to use a casting app to cast your stream from your android mobile to your Smart TV with casting capabilities, for example. You can also tap on the cloud with the downward arrow should you wish to download the Movie or TV Show onto your device. Both are highlighted in the picture above.

In Conclusion

The Cine Box Apk is a well maintained app which is kept fully up-to-date with all the latest movies and TV Show. Any updates for the app itself or the accompanying player app shall be prompted to you upon the launch of the app.  Please note this app is ad supported in order to fund the maintenance and development of the app and so we can all access the content free. The ads will in no way impede upon the viewing of any program once your stream has started.  As always with any questions please visit us at Ares Forum.