Important settings for Morpheus TV APK

With the popularity of the latest edition to our ever growing range of great free streaming APK’s gaining so quickly. I thought it important to make you aware of certain of the apps features and settings you may want to ensure are taken care of. First of all let me tell you a little bit about the app itself so you can get an idea of what it may offer you.

Morpheus TV APK

Currently running on Version 1.43 and with its official home being morpheustvstore on Aptoide.  Morpheus TV is an Ad Free application that brings you great Movies and TV Show content. It has been  designed to work well on any android device, Amazon Fire TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Shield device.  What’s great about this app is that comes with its own  great player already built in so there’s no needs to mess around downloading a separate Third party Player app as with most of the other applications. Another huge bonus for Amazon Fire TV Boxes and Amazon Fire TV Sticks is that it does not require you to download an air mouse app such as Mouse toggle in order to navigate.  

Great Integration

I have to say on first impressions….. I can see that this developer has taken his time and plenty of love has went into making the app. The app has been kept minimalistic in some ways.  As for Function…..well the developer has most defiantly given this little app everything it needs to be a reliable and extremely useful Streaming tool.  He has included as most of the most sought after features that most free streamers require. Great Features of this app include-
  • Integration with Trakt
  • Integration with Kodi
  • Chromecast & Subtitle support
  • Designed for TV and Dpad navigation
Add those to the previously mentioned bonuses of not requiring separate third party Player and Air Mouse apps.

How Does It Work?

The app works by scraping the internet sources such as SeriesOnline, 123MoviesHD, CartoonHD, Flixanity etc to provide you with options on sources and streaming quality for your viewing. It scrapes a lot of http sources by default. With one option you may want to be wary of so you aren’t caught out when Mr Postie turns up with the dreaded infringement letter. This is the  option to include torrents in your search findings. The use of Torrents is not advisable. Especially if you don’t understand how they work and how to keep yourself safe while using them. Torrenting content is in a whole different league to streaming content so be wise and stay safe. [Adsense-A]

Morpheus TV Developer sets the record straight 

As so many  have decided to go with the shameless Click bait head lines the apps Developer has felt it necessary to put the record straight. He say’s, and I quote…..
“MorpheusTV is a free app without any ads or subscription plans. It uses its own internal player (Exoplayer with some modifications) and can also play to Ch0romecast devices. In the first versions it used external players like VLC and MxPlayer but they were quickly dismissed because of the lack of control over the UI and the HTTP request headers. The internal player still needs a few more features like setting subtitle offsets, video aspect ratio, etc…but I am quite happy for now and there are no plans to support external players. There are no plans to support Real-Debrid or any service that provides subscription based premium services for pirated content.  I am totally against those who profit from the “scene” and 99% of those services are doing just that. That is also the reason there are no ads in this app. Morpheus TV is not meant to be a competitor to any other app like some YouTubers are claiming. I actually do not care about what other apps have to offer and no interest in implementing a feature just because some other app has it. I made this app for myself and will implement whatever features I find useful to me.”
I have to admit……I like him. No messing about, straight to the point. No BS!  to admit…… Settings to keep you safe.  Thankfully this has been taken into consideration by the developers of this app and they have made a clear and simple settings menu in which multiple sort options can be set. This includes the ability to remove any torrent content being made available.  There several other tweaks you may want to make within the Settings Menu to get the best from this app which I will outline below.

The Important Settings

  Torrents are disabled by default. Before you decide to switch them on or not please ask yourself these questions. Have you made yourself aware of the current legal standing on using torrents in your country? Are you running a reliable VPN Service? If the answer to either is no I would strongly advise you avoid using any torrented content. There is still plenty of content without them.   One of the feature which will make a lot of Kodi users more than happy. Above it the setting you will need to modify depending on if you want to use it within Kodi or not. If subtitles are not required by you personally then you might want to un-enable and un-check providers. This will stop the app carrying out some unnecessary tasks that may slow your app down slightly. The rest of the settings for this app are pretty self explainable and it will only be your own personal preference that matters when tweaking them.  

In conclusion 

To say I’m impressed by thing app is an understatement. I look forward to watching it’s development and really do hope that it’s Developer will be making a few more apps and if we are lucky he may even see fit to share them with us. Should you have any issues installing OR running