Well the stories you keep seeing and the popup BS from some add-on vendors would lead you to believe the world has ended. You must throw away all your pre-Android 5 devices and invest in new ones.


Its about time certain people stopped parroting this out to ill-informed and badly educated users. I will get to you in my next blog. Anyway, before I get into a full blown rant….lets look at this from the guys at MyGica, a Chinese box manufacturer.  MyGica, presumably with lots of older stock units they’d like to sell. Theyve come up with a Kodi fork of 17.0 that runs in 4.4.2. Yes I confirmed it.

So in the last week, we’ve seen a number of forks modified to utilise python 2.7 and therefore able to process the new SSL certs using the stronger encryption methods (this is how sites secure the connection between your device and their server – which is being pushed by Google, but thats another story). These were apparently (ha!) to be the death of Kodi 16. It may have only affected Exodus pretty badly, though that maybe be a process of the people behind it…also parroting out the “you must abandon 16…” myths. Hmmm.

We covered one of the forks here, FTMC which is Kodi 16 but using the python upgrade to 2.7. There will be a couple more blogs shortly, detailing some more !

mygica icon


MyGica Fork

SO here it is, the answer to all those Android 4.4.2 users dreams. You can now use Kodi 17, on your old devices. I tried this on my old Samsung Tab2 – its a bit slow at the best of times. However, I installed Ares Wizard without issue and installed the Firestick 17 build. It worked fine, a bit lumpy (its a very old tab now – i only use it for my hiking gps mapper as the battery lasts all day!) – but it installed the build and played from Just to prove it, heres the system info page; You can see this is clearly a 17.0 build, but the Android API is 4.4.2, voila, old device, new Kodi. So, you have to ask why Kodi didn’t path Jarvis. They’ve played into the hands of every unscrupulous box seller in every land across the globe. Those guys are raking in new orders for new boxes, everything that Kodi say they are against. Then hand it to them on a plate. Well at least forks like this mean users do NOT need to buy boxes with Android 5 now to get Kodi 17 installed. This has been added to Ares Wizard, under “browse add-ons”, “kodi forks”. We have also created a downloads page. As always, if you need support, head over to our forum.