Showbox Lite V1.4 [mod by ries]

Showbox lite is a modified version of the original and very popular Showbox app. This version has been modified by riesdepies to be an ad-free, Torrent-free version of Showbox.  Furthermore, this apk is ideal for those that don’t want to use Torrents. The Showbox Lite app has full availability of Server 3 (Full-length Videos) as default.  Showbox Lite is based on Showbox v4.65 but is almost half the size of the current version of Showbox. Ideal for devices with limited space.  In order to downloaded and install Showbox lite you will first have to uninstall any other versions of showbox you may have on your device.  So let’s take a look at installing Showbox Lite.

For first time APK downloads

As Showbox Lite is whats known as a third-party APK you will need to take a few steps before you can install the app on your device.  Third party apps are apps that come from a source other than the Google Play Store. For that reason you will have to do the following to allow the app to be downloaded and installed onto your device.

Showbox Lite

Go to your devices main settings menu:-

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • security
  • Unknown sources – Make sure the box beside this is checked

Downloading The APK

The Showbox Lite APK can be installed on any Android Device. Mobile, Tablet or Amazon fire TV Box or stick. For use on a Firestick which has a remote with limited capabilities you will need the Mouse Toggle Air Mouse App. The Mouse Toggle Air Mouse App will help by giving your stock firestick remote air mouse capabilities.  A guide to using the Mouse can be found here:-

You can download the Showbox Lite APK from here:-

Once You Have Downloaded The App

Once you have downloaded the Showbox Lite app you will be able to stream or download the content with ease.

To Stream

To stream any movie or TV show from the app you simply tap the picture for the Programme you want to watch.  You can then tap ‘WATCH NOW’ and your stream shall begin.

To Download

To download any Movie or TV Show from the Showbox Lite App you will need to download the Advanced Download Manager app.  The ADM is available from the Google Play Store here:-

In Conclusion

Showbox Lite is a great small sized, Ad-Free, Torrent-Free alternative for those who would prefer not to avail of torrent based content.  If you have any issues or questions we are as always happy to assist you at the Ares Forum.  It is much easier for us to assist you on the forum than in the comments section and remember our team is always available.  Also please make sure to check out the resources section on Ares Forum where you will find some great treats.