Terrarium TV is probably one of the nicest, well written GUI’s of all the current crop of android streaming apps out there. Its a bit awkward on the FireTV devices initially, but I will give you some tips on that later on. If you are used to using Trakt, then you’ll be happy as you can integrate it in Terrarium TV, alongwith with Real Debrid – which to be blunt, transforms this application into a real gem for cord cutters. terarrium homescreen

Terrarium TV Updates

Heres the details with both general changes and the more detailed changelog; NOTE – Official versions will auto update  – those unsupported “ad-free” ones will not and are not supported by the dev.    

Installing Terrarium TV

If you are have a browser on your device you can click here to download terrarium  , we will cover the FireTV installs in more detail. IF you are a member of the Ares forum – we also provide links to our members for apps and other useful stuff – join us here Ares-Project.uk You can obtain the download form various sources (be wary) these include;   Once this has downloaded simply click the apk link (probably in your downloads folder) to install. Our link is taken from the “Official Devs site” and its not a hacked/cloned or doctored one. Please, please take care with “ad-free” versions – they often have other malware added, its frightening how many we’re finding with added payloads for the unsuspecting users.

Install Terrarium TV on FireTV Devices

Ok FireTV devices present a small extra issue in getting apps loaded, but there are several ways we can do this, ES File Explorer,  ADB link, Apps2fire etc. My prefered method is to use the “Downloader app – its right there in the Amazon store – a quick search will pull this up and it installs in seconds. First lets ensure we can install the apps – If you havent already done so, you must set the follwing to allow other “non Amazon store apps to install” – if you dont do this, you will get various warnings and Terrarium  wont install.
  • Goto Settings,
  • Device and you will see the following;
  • Set “ADB debugging” on
  • Set “Apps from Unknown Sources” on
firetv kodi install  
  • Back to home screen 
  • Search for and install Downloader
firetv downloader install
  • Install Downloader
  • Enter this EXACTLY http://bit.ly/terrarium-198
terrarium download link
  • Press Play (or enter)
  • The download will start
  • Follow the prompt to install when it appears
  • Terrarium will now be listed on your apps
terrarium on firetc

Terrarium Settings Explained

OK – the basic install is done but Terrarium TV has a bunch of options for setting things up how you want and improving results and so on. Now about the navigation, a quick tip to move easily to the top “bar” – click sideways – till you hit fully left or full right and the cursor will move to the top bar.

Settings (1)

  • here you might want to Filter non English shows (or not!) depending on what you are looking for.
  • Filer out CAM versions – YES!
terrarium settings -mark watched

Settings (2)

  • Parallel sources loading – low spec devices (gen 1 Stick – turn this off
  • Resolve all links immediately – again, low spec devices – off
  • Auto resolve HD links – set to your preference, on decent kit ,always on 🙂
terrarium resolving links options

Settings (3)

  • Trakt options are here – set as you like them
terrarium trakt options

Settings (4)

  • Choose Default navigation – eg. set what the opening screens show; if you watch more TV Shows, than movies – then set to TV Shows
  • Within T|V Shows – you can set to  open your Favourites first (preferable?) or use Most popular or trending etc etc
  • You can also set the default screen for Movies too – I tend to use New HD releases ( I hate cams!)
  • Choose synopsis language – choose you preferred language
  • Use Modern UI – almost always use with movie or tv show posters as opposed to banners (unless you have low spec kit of course)
terrarium default startup screens

Settings (5)

Here are a bunch of options to control how things are displayed within a show or season, hiding unaired episodes will tidy things up a little, if you are very fussy. terrarium settings hide unaired episodes

Settings (6)

Two ESSENTIAL things to have with this app – an ALLUC API key and Real Debrid account! Real Debrid Settings (7) ….and finally (yes – there are a lot of settings!), here are the backup folders “just in case” something screws up.  

Should you have any questions please feel free to visit us on Ares Forum; as it is quite difficult to provide help through the comments section in the blog.