This is a very popular build by Gareth Lovell, who has earned himself quite a reputation in the world of Kodi builds. Whats the BlackBox all about? Lets take a peek at this popular build.

I used the Ares Wizard to install this, though Gareth has his own wizard if you want to use that.

black box kodi

Installing Black Box

I used the Ares “fresh start” option (found under more tab) and then clicked install from the “browse builds” section of Ares Wizard.

Waiting for download – patience – it took less than 4m (standard Sky @14mbps) though I didnt stopwatch it to be honest – but many complain it takes ages?

As soon as that downloads, it will commence extraction;

Again this was pretty brief, just a few mins before you get the close notification.

Its worth noting, no force closing, no potential damage from pulling power etc, just a graceful exit.

The Black Box Build Overiew

I wont be going into every nook and cranny and testing every link here, after all, the add ons are not in the build authors control. I want to get a feel for it, ease of use. content are important.


I think iVue is now a de rigueur install on most builds now, although the order isnt natural here, which maybe something to do with linking it in with the add ons etc. You can see the order in the picture, but I picked obscure channels to test and the worked, cant argue with that?

TV Shows

Next tab up is TV shows, which includes Genesis TV, SALTS, Zeus and a few others too.

black box tv shows


Next up, Movies section with all the usual suspects included, Genesis, SALTS, Rockcrusher et al, giving a raft of options for movie lovers.


Well no build is complete with a stalker rip and this is no exception with i4atv filling that berth,m with Dexter and Project Cypher adding a ton more live content too.


The usual suspects springs to mind in this category, no surprises, but what is wrong with this image, ha!


Well its that time of year, so you'd expect a crimbo section wouldn’t you? Well courtesy of Phoenix and More Power you can binge on seasonal movies, tv specials and everything christmassy till you full asleep from too much turkey and wine!


There is a good kids section here too, plenty of movies and options for most tastes.


Its tough to please me on this front, I really don’t think Kodi can to be honest, being a lover of FLAC and running a nice Onkyo amp with full 5.1 speaker setup, I don’t like reduced mp3 sounds and I have never found a nice solution from an addon.

That said its here, usuall suspects for those that use it.

Total Addons

When i saw this, I did wonder what it was all about, well i wasn’t disappointed, having wondered why a class add on like Turks wasn’t anywhere previously, here it is along with a bunch of other very popular add ons, which cover a huge amount of content.


This is a link so you can access content directly without using any of the previous shortcuts. I guess for the novice and casual user, you wont be in here much, but the more advanced users may want to dig in there for library functions etc.


Now this might make the novice recoil in fear, but you'll need to use this at some point, so better take notes now!

The basic settings are here, but you should only need the thumbnails clearing perhaps once a month even on a firestick. You can read up on why purge packages and clear cache have become a “kodi urban myth” and why its not the fix for every problem!

Kodi Settings

These are found by clicking on the Maintenance option and brings up the familiar Kodi options , worth noting as you need to get in here, to tweak video acceleration or alter home screen shortcuts etc. I suspect the main reason will be to add repos or add ons that haven’t been included. That's not a negative feedback by the way, its just everyone has different tastes and needs.


There is a lot to like about the build, its not overly bloated at 186mb its amongst the smallest builds out there, very lightweight, so its punching above itself so to speak. This will run on any kit, from the Firestick upwards, I cant see anything struggling from RAM or storage issues.

Its simple to navigate, very straight forward use from the home screen with everything being close to hand. There are options to “get under the hood” if you need.

It covers all the basis in terms of content, I'm not left with any obvious omissions on that front. If you cant find something to watch, catch your favourite team in action or keep the rug rats amused then I don't know what will.

A good competent build, with no fluff or complexities. It has every base covered from a user perspective. If I’m to be critical then it would be about library integration options, but that’s probably an advanced subject and not what the build is about.

If you haven’t tried it, or you’re looking for a good, light all round build, try The Black Box.