Adjusting options to screening is quite easy to do inside the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin and some are unaware of all the items you can change.  Many of you have asked questions on where to make Screen Adjustments re: Calibration, as well as how to Add or Remove Subtitles (myself included).  So here we go, the above Photo and the next used for this FAQ were taken from the Ares US Build Jarvis Version.  The movies selected was “Jackie” from the Elysium Add-on with a Real Debrid Account.

adjusting options

Adjusting/Removing English Subtitles

adjusting options

You begin watching a Movie and then English subtitles appear at the bottom, yet the the movie is in English! Step 1.– To remove the Subtitles, move the cursor to the top of the screen to open the list of adjustments. Step 2.– Select the Speaker Icon as indicated by the Red Arrow in Photo A. Step 3.– A new window will appear, scroll down to Enable subtitles as seen in Photo B. Step 4.– Simply click anywhere in the highlighted area to disable.( blue light will be gone once disabled)

adjusting options As you can see, the English Subtitles have now been removed, allowing you to enjoy the movie without any distractions. adjusting options

Calibration & Zoom

adjusting options

Other Options available in Video Options are the Zoom amount, Pixel ratio.  These can be used if you prefer to make some additional “tweaks” to the screen resolution.

Photo A Scrolling further down in the same window is the Video calibration. Photo B While not the same Skin, once inside the process is exactly the same.

Besides being able to Add or Remove subtitles, the other important function keys Play, Pause Stop, fast Forward and Reverse are also located there. Many would like to know the Quality of the stream as well as the Audio.

Select the i Icon (information) as shown in Photo B and the Red Arrow. All the info will be displayed there for those that require it. To remove this screen, right click on mouse, back button on remote or hit the esc key on keyboard.

In Conclusion

As always we hope this was informative for you and if you have more questions please visit us in the Streaming World Forum.  We have staff on the forum near round-the-clock and we would be happy to help you.  Please stay tuned as we have many more FAQ’s available to enhance your streaming experience.