Ares Wizard Backup & Restore

Trying to find the best solution for Ares Wizard Backup & Restore has been much conversation in the back room around the table.  Since the last update (0.0.57) the Ares Wizard team has perfected a way for you to save all the important files, settings and favorites.  This will apply to your Kodi/XBMC media and makes no difference what device you are using.  We have tested it across the Android Box, Fire Stick, PC or Laptop.  If you are updating a Build or installing a new one, or even just doing a Fresh Start.  Furthermore, if you just want to have a backup in case of emergency you can do so as well.  Finally, let's have a look at what's available and why.

ares wizard backup

A number of Options are available for you to use. You may select all Three (3) (recommended) or only One (1) or Two (2) that you feel is best for your needs or None at all.  Whatever you decide on, “Proceed” must be selected to enable the process to begin, if you choose not to continue then simply select “Cancel.”  Consequently, either way you will be getting exactly what you are looking for and will help you in either situation.

Option A. Keep My Favorites.

You've just found a Movie and would like to watch it a later time or you've found some Kids Movies or Tv shows that your Children love (and keeps them occupied while you enjoy a cuppa). You saved them to your favorites and don't want to lose them! Simply click in the area that reads “keep my favorites” and those will be saved.

Option B. Keep My sources.

Especially relevant is the second option.  Any source (add-ons, programs, etc) that you entered via the File Manager with a URL Address will also be saved, including Ares Wizard. Comes in handy if you have installed an Add-on that isn't included in a Build for example and you're doing an update.  This will be saved.

Option C. Keep My Add-on Settings

This is my Favorite option of the 3 and most noteworthy.  For those of you that have a Real Debrid Account or a Trakt Account, etc.  You all know how much of a job it is to continually “Re-Authorizing” Real Debrid in Placenta, Elysium, Death Streams etc. (Death Streams is the new S.A.L.T.S.).  The changes you have made to any add-ons or accounts enabled will be saved!  What a Time Saver!  These will be saved due to the little check in the radio button on the Ares Wizard Backup function.

In Conclusion

This may have been the most noteworthy update to Ares Wizard and we hope you truly found it helpful.  We know how important it is to back up so you can restore your data.  Ares Project Team wanted to make sure we cut out as much of the customization as possible for the next time you have to do a fresh start and update.  Therefore, limiting the set-up time and increasing the time to enjoy your content.  This updated feature in Ares Wizard Backup takes the guesswork of choosing the right features to backup and restore. As always we appreciate your taking the time to read this article and hope you found it helpful.  If you should have any questions please feel free to to reach out on the Ares Forum.  While we do our best to answer all questions it is difficult to do so in the comments section so pop over to the Forum and see what's going on.