How to Calibrate Add-ons with Real Debrid

First off, to get the most out of this article you are going to want to have (Re) Authorized your Real Debrid in URL Resolvers.  Then we can focus on how to calibrate add-ons with Real Debrid to enhance your experience.  Some of you may be asking yourself what Real Debrid is and if you are one of those people take a look at here.

Yet, others are asking themselves what add-ons use Real Debrid currently and how do I calibrate them?  Popularity in Kodiland has spiked in the past year and consequently servers are getting busier.  Hence many are turning to other sources for their streaming needs inside Kodi.  As a result of this gain in users there has been a need for other alternatives.  The popularity of using a Real Debrid account is growing dramatically as the price is cheap enough and what you receive is well worth in. (in my opinion at least).

Kodi Add-ons with Real Debrid

The demand for utilizing Real Debrid has not fallen on deaf ears and our favorite developers (devs) are now including it more and more.  However, it is most noteworthy to say that currently Elysium has no option to (Re) Authorize RD like Placenta and other add-ons.  This article is going to show you how to calibrate Placenta (new Covenant), Elysium, Bob Unleashed, Poseidon, Dandy Media, Real Movies, and Release Hub. Below is the current list of Kodi Add-ons that you can Calibrate and you will see almost all the major add-ons are going this way.  Since Covenant & Elysium are to of the most popular Kodi add-ons let’s begin there.  We try to make your experience as easy as possible and as a result the majority of these add-on can be installed from Ares Wizard.  However, if you cannot find them on Ares Wizard, we also make sure to share install guides on our blog Calibrate

Calibrating PLACENTA (new Covenant Fork)


Calibrating Placenta has changed recently. Unlike many of the other add-ons, enabling Real Debrid in Placenta is now in a new location.

  1. Once open, Go to Settings.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click URL Resolver Settings, Photo B.
  4. Click (RE)Authorize My Account and proceed as you normally would have done with the other add-ons.
    Calibrate Return to Tools and select Playback for the final steps:
  • A- Ensure default action is set to Directory. Click the Up or Down arrow if set differently.
  • B- If you wish to change the Colour of the Premium (Real Debrid) Source links, click any arrow to see the selection of different colours available.
  • C- This will determine the Max level of Video Quality the scrapers will search for. From 4K down to 480p.
  • D- HEVC when enabled will allow the scrapers to search for H.265 Compression sources and display if available.
  • E- If you do not want to see results from sources that require pairing such as or openload click to disable.

Calibrating ELYSIUM


So remember we mentioned Elysium does not have a (Re) Authorize option and due to this Elysium requires more steps to Calibrate Real Debrid.

  1. After opening Elysium, select Tools and as shown in Photo A, Click Debrid.
  2. In the next screen, (Photo B) at the top, click anywhere in the highlighted area to Enable Debrid Providers.
  3. Scroll left to Playback (Photo C) at Default action. Change to Directory.
  4. Scroll down to Hosters with captchas, click to disable.

Photo D is an example of where (Re)Authorizing Real Debrid in the URL Resolver settings for the other Add-ons.


  Since originally publishing this Blog, there have been a number of New Add-ons that have appeared recently. Caesar, Joshua and Mystique are just a few and we will be showing these Three as an example. You will notice a common pattern here with these. They are all alike when it comes to Calibrating Real Debrid. As a result, this does make it convenient once you get the hang of it. Calibrate

To Calibrate Real Debrid:
  • Open the Configure settings.
  • Select General.
  • Open Resolver Settings.
  • Configure same as shown in the previous examples.
  • Enable Debrid by clicking anywhere in the highlighted area as shown above.
  • As usual, select OK to ensure all changes made will “stick”.


  Calibrate Repeat same process for Caesar.  



In Conclusion

Finally we have come to the end and have focused on how understanding how to Calibrate Add-ons will increase the quality of Real Debrid links.  This article has shown (Re)Authorizing Real Debrid is just the beginning.  To learn more about Real Debrid follow this link :  Probably one of the best decisions I made was to add Real Debrid service to system.  Rather than spending time searching for links I just utilize Real Debrid links and I’m off to stream-land.

If you have any questions please feel free to join us in the Streaming World Forum.  Finally we would like to thank you for taking the time to read the article because we do want to help you enjoy your time streaming.  Seems like the developers agree as a result they are spending more time with enhancing your experience with Real Debrid.