Information & Tips For Making Use Of Free Streaming Websites

Free Streaming Websites are excellent options for your streaming needs. They have the advantage of being cross platform – Meaning you can use them on many different devices and operating Systems unlike apps which are normally device specific. The downside to Free Streaming Websites is that they are not actually ‘Free to maintain and develop. As you can imagine streaming servers are not cheap and have to be paid for somehow. Like so many of the free streaming apps these websites are Ad supported. They still cost you absolutely nothing to access and use. Unlike the apps which for the most part are ad supported in such a way that the ads are kept to a minimum and are easy to manage. Some of the Free Streaming Websites could send you insane with the pop up ads everywhere.

What You Can Do.

Luckily this can be made easier for you to control and manage by simply downloading a good third party web browser with a strong built in ads & popup blocker. Then just make sure you launch that Browser when you want to make use of any of the Free Streaming Websites and launch them only from there. Tip: Create handy bookmarks or speed dials in to your favourite sites in your chosen browser for convenience convenience. As the copyright laws much depending on where in the world you live. I urge you to check online to find out what the copyright/Downloading laws are exactly where YOU are. PLEASE NOTE:  some of these may be blocked by your ISP (internet service provider) and/or vpn and/or antivirus protection…

Good Third Party Browsers with Ad & Popup blockers


Keep Your Accounts Safe And Private

Another thing you should be aware of with Free Streaming Websites is that a lot of them will ask you to register in order to use them. Now this once was a major no, no but has now become a necessary step for a lot of the website operators to help protect themselves and their sites from prying eyes. Given the current legal climate surrounding all things free Streaming it is no real surprise that they have to take such a measure.

That said please always remember the Golden rule of free streaming. NEVER, EVER ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION INTO ANY SITE OR APP. NO MATTER HOW GREAT THE CONTENT OR WHAT EXTRAS THEY PROMISE. Any sites or apps that ask for credit card or financial information are best to be deleted and forgotten about. There is an abundance of similar sites with similar content that mean you have no need to take the risk of waking up to find your bank account has been emptied all because you wanted to watch Black Panther in HD. Most of the sites that ask you to register as an option to save any preferences ect. This will only require an account made using a user name, password and email address. Again, For your security I urge you NOT to use your personal email accounts which will be connected to your personal and financial accounts and records. It’s best to create a completely separate and unconnected email account just for use with on-line registrations. Better safe than sorry!

Free Streaming Websites with Limited or no Pop-Ups & No Credit Card Registration 

Z MOVIES Z Movies  Enjoy the unique blend of utmost new release and popular movies. All these are here in HD for free with no Pop-up ads, You will need to create an account but won’t be asked for credit card details. This site is more geared towards mobile use so will work well on Phones, tablets and iPads. Updated frequently so a good source for all the latest Movies and TV episoides.
  • HD: Yes Responsive: Yes Plays on mobile: Yes Pop-up Ads: No Credit Card Registration: No Email Registration: Yes Movies or TV Shows: Both Latest Movie Releases: Yes Latest TV Episoides: Yes
1 MOVIES 1 Movies 1movies – Watch free online movies, here you can watch movies online in high quality, 1080p for free without annoying advertising. Any Ads are kept to a minimum and are on the frame, away from the streams themselvesso they will no bother you. With a multitude of sources 1movies has a HUGE library at its deposial that you can’t help but be impressed by.The site is kept very well updated and stocked with all the latest release Movies and TV shows from all over the world.
  • HD: Yes Responsive: Yes Plays on mobile: Yes Popup Ads:No Credit Card Registration:No Email Registration: No Movies or TV Shows: Both Latest Movie Releases: Yes Latest TV Episoides: Yes
F MOVIES PRO F Movies Pro As the name suggests this is a proxy of the well known FMovies free streaming website. It comes on an interface that is very pleasant to use with little difficulty. Bringing you all the top movies from all over the world in good quality. There is plenty of HD content available with no Accounts or Credit card registration needed. F Movies Pro has a vast library that you can’t help but be impressed by.
  • HD: Yes Responsive: Yes Plays on mobile: Yes Pop-Up Ads: Very Few Registration:No Movies or TV Shows: Movies Latest Episoides available: N/A
HD GO HD Go  Super-fast site packed full of HD and good quality movies and TV shows. There are some Pop-Up ads so I recommend you use ad and Pop-Up blocker so they don’t spoil your enjoyment of the content. No credit card registration or account is necessary. All the latest Movies and TV shows are kept well up-dated for your enjoyment.
  • HD: Yes Responsive: Yes Plays on mobile: Yes Pop-Up Ads:Yes Registration: NO Movies or TV Shows: Both Latest Episodes available: Yes
In Conclusion  There are many great websites available on-line for us all to make use of free of charge. Unfortunately sometimes they are not all they seem. We hope that in the coming weeks as we bring you a lot more of these websites it will help you avoid any unnecessary bad experiences with the undesirables of the free streaming world. As always we are available to help or answer any of your questions on our forum