Due to recent events that I’m sure most of you are aware of, the Old Ares Wizard was forced to close. If you are not aware of what happened, please click HERE for more information. But like the Classic Mythological Arabian Bird the Phoenix, the New Ares Wizard has risen from the ashes and is reborn.

What’s New ?

Before we begin we need to be perfectly clear on a few issues:
  • This will be the last Version ever of Ares Wizard, so please do not ask for the next update. This is it.
  • There will be No Builds – No Add-ons – No Repositories. Please do not ask why these are no longer available.
  • This Version of Ares Wizard is strictly a Utility Maintenance Wizard.
Many of you are very familiar with what the Ares Wizard was able to do. But did you know that it was first conceived as a Utility Maintenance Program only ?  A Utility Maintenance Program was originally designed for computers (click here) , but the original members of Team Ares decided to take this one giant step further. The rest is history, consequently as the old saying goes, we have returned to our roots and the Old Ares is now the New Ares again.

Where is the New Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard zip.file can be found in the Streaming World Forum, under the resources section. Join the Forum it’s free. “Do I need to delete or uninstall the old version that I have still?” No, the new install will over-write the existing version you may still have installed.

Home Page

new Because of recent events, the first thing you will notice is the inability to access the “Browse Builds” and “Browse Addons”. Both have been permanently removed and will not be added, however, all the other Options have remained.


new For those who have never used the Ares Wizard maintenance option, it’s very easy to use. Select the option you wish to delete, Thumbnails-Packages-Cache. As shown in the example above, Cache is fine and is does not require any maintenance. Take note of the “Traffic Lights”, Green is ok, Yellow may need attention and Red will remind you to take action. Most noteworthy is the Thumbnail Option. While it is available, it’s been discovered that removing these will only cause Kodi/SPMC to slow down. For a more detailed explanation, please click here.


new Want to back up your current setup in Kodi/SPMC ? Just follow these easy 1,2,3 steps. If you have a Build installed, it is recommended to use Full System Backup.


new Tweaks, Don’t let the name fool you, this is probably one of the most used and appreciated option found in Ares Wizard. This option will help (Not eliminate) buffering. No matter what device you have Kodi/SPMC installed in, be it an Android Device (Box), A Fire Stick or even a PC or Laptop, Tweaks will recommend the amount of Cache needed. Of course you may also make your own adjustments but lets face it, why go against the All Knowing Wizard!
  • Once you have selected “Tweaks” from the menu bar, click on Advanced Settings Wizard.
  • As shown in the photo above, select Advanced Settings Wizard again.
  • Then Next.
  • Click on Generate settings. Take note that this was done on a PC to generate photos for this article. The figures mentioned will not be the same as yours.
  • To accept these settings, click on “Apply these settings” and follow the power down instructions for your version of Kodi/SPMC.
  • Should you decide to manually change these settings, you may do so now. But we suggest to accept the Recommended settings generated as these were made specifically for your device.


new MORE 
  1. System Information : Select this option to see the all information about the device you have Kodi/SPMC installed. Internet- Version of Kodi/SPMC- Screen size/resolution- Free, Used & Total Storage- Free Ram Memory- etc. This info may vary depending on the device being used at the time.
  2. Upload Kodi Log : Have an issue ? send us a log in the Forum and we’ll have a look for you to see if we can get you sorted.
  3. Internet Speed Test : Select this option if you would like to see what your IT speed is.
  4. Erase all Data/Fresh Start : (my personal Favorite) Have a build you don’t wish to use? Tired of all the Add-ons you have installed but want to Keep all the Favorites you have added + Any sources you may have added via File Manager + Keep all the Add-on Settings such as your Real Debrid Account, Trakt.TV info, TMDb Api Key Code, Alluc api Key code and Passwords. Then follow the simple instructions on the right side of the photo above. Select All Three Options, or just the ones you want. Click on each option you want, it will show Green when enabled, then select Proceed to complete.
  5. Force Close Kodi : It does just that, selecting this option will close Kodi/SPMC right away.
  6. Convert physical paths to Special : Converts locations inside a build, special://home/- i.e. images, themes, add-ons that are mapped. Please click HERE for a very good Blog by Shanks for a more detailed look at this option.
  7. Suggestions welcome : is currently Not/Available

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, I hope this has helped those who are knew to the Forum / Kodi Land and have never used the Ares Wizard as well as to those of you who are familiar with Ares Wizard. If you have any questions or concerns about this article, please ask in a new Thread in the Forum.