Pairing your device is becoming a much more common request on Kodi, screens similar to those listed below appear. Its confusing to a lot of users as to why this has suddenly started. Many are rightly cautious when being redirected to possibly “infected” websites etc. However, whilst it is a *possibility* the Kodi community is such that *if* anything were to be “malicious” it would become newsworthy very quickly. So rest assured nothing sinister is going on, its a simple process and I’ll explain very quickly.

File Hosting

File hosters traditionally raise revenue by having users visit their sites, where they post ads. These ads generate revenue, the revenue pays for the servers and no doubt makes them some money too. The big issue for them is Kodi does not support ads and bypasses that process of users visiting a site. All very nice for the Kodi user, not so nice for the guys running expensive servers.

Pairing your device

To combat the massive rise in Kodi users, several hosters have now moved to using “pairing”. Pairing is simply a means to get you to visit a website – that shows ads – to pair your device, or more specifically your router IP address. This then grants you access to those servers for a period of time, usually 3-4 hours at a time. One of the biggest benefits is that most users are too lazy to go through the pairing process (great news for us!) this means that the links are much less likely to buffer, brilliant.

Time Saving Tips

If you invest a little time, you can really speed this process up in the future. What I do is is this, when a link pops up, I use my phone browser to pair the link. (remember this pairs your router IP, so any device on your network will have access once you pair). I save the link in my bookmarks for future reference. Anytime one of these pops up – I can quickly jump on my phone, pick the right bookmark, pair and watch the movie – takes 10s for a buffer free link.

Real Debrid

Finally its worth noting that if you have a Real Debrid account, you wont be asked to pair your devices. The added bonus with Real Debrid is that you will also find many more high quality 5.1, DTS and 1080 links, for a few quid a month. You can read here what one of the team thinks of the Real Debrid service. If you need any help or advice, head over to the Forum