The 4 Horsemen is the combined works of 4 top Kodi add-ons. The saying goes ” the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. In this case its probably true too! The 4 Horsemen add on is now probably the biggest collection of 4K, 3D and HD content under one roof.

There is a list of repo's for all add ons we blog (and some we havent yet!) and an install guide; install any kodi repo

This add on is “unofficial” and therefore not supported by Kodi Tv or XMBC foundations, please do not ask on their forums for help, go to for further support.

You can unblock many “dns censored” sources with a smartdns solution with no loss of line speed;

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If you use p2p add ons, torrents, or in countries that prohibit streaming use a vpn from a reputable provider like Private Internet Access.

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4 Horsemen Kodi Install Guide

We will need to grab the stream team repo to get this addon. Once installed you will have access to install this Kodi add on.
  • Click File Manager
  • Double Click Add source
  • Type EXACTLY
  • Click Done
  • Name the source StreamTeam
  • Click OK
  • Click Home or back out to home screen
  • Click System
  • Click Add ons
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Click StreamTeam source
  • Click
  • Wait for “add on enabled” message
  • Click Install from repostitory
  • Click Streamteam repo
  • Click Video add ons
  • Click 4Horsemen
  • Click Install
  • Wait for “add on enabled” message
You can open from here or via the video add ons node, once open you will see the contents as follows, Theres just too much to go through in a blog like this, the 4 Horsemen is packed with content, take the time to explore and create your on favourites list. Enjoy!
Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are neither connected to, nor in any way affiliated with  the Kodi brand, nor the XBMC Foundation. Do not ask about this addon on their forums or via social media, for help, go to