Why Add a New Profile

Why would I want to have a new profile on my Kodi Krypton ? Well there are number of reasons, but the most popular is to offer another Family member access to their own version of Kodi. There may only be One Device available in the household for a number of reasons. Enabling this feature will allow you and someone else have their own list of Add-ons, Repos, etc. Profiles allow users to save all settings as a profile and change them at the touch of a button. Which in turn also allows you to grant access to specific folders and network shares based on the profile being used. This is ideal for systems that have multiple users. It works much the same as setting up individual users on your home computer.

New Profile Advantages

These individual profiles allow you to customize the environment for multiple users, allowing for such functionality as :
  • Customized view settings such as skins for each user.
  •  The ability to lock folders, such as network shares on a per-user basis.
  • Separate media libraries for each user.
  • RSS feeds for each user.
  • Unique keymapping for each user.
  • Unique network settings.
All options stored in the userdata folder can be customized per profile, allowing for an amazing amount of flexibility. The following Photo’s were taken from Krypton 17.3. If you are using a Build that is not using the Estuary Skin, you must go to Interface and select Skin and change to Estuary. Some builds such as Xonfluence do not offer the option to add a new Profile. See *note* below for more information.

Adding a New Profile

profile To Access the Profile settings, once Krypton is opened, select the “Cog” Icon located at the top left corner. This will open the System area where you will next Select “Profile” located in the 2nd Row to the right. As shown in the Photo above. profile The next screen will now show 2 (two) Options : General & Profiles as shown in Photo A. General : click anywhere in the highlighted area to Enable “Show login screen on setup”. This step will be needed to enable the new profile feature at start up, giving you the option of continuing with the Master Profile (Original) or with the new Profile you have just added. Profiles : Once selected as shown in Photo B. You will now see the “Master user” (original) and a blank Add profile (Red Arrow). To continue with this process, simply click on Add profile.     profile A Keyboard will be made visible where you will now enter the new name. Once you’re happy with your choice click on Enter on that Keyboard. A new pop up page will now appear (Photo A.) Just click on OK. “Your Name” was used for this article, as shown in the next screen, the new Profile name as well as the directory’s name. Click on OK to proceed to the next step.

Final Steps

profileAlmost done, just a few more steps.
  1.  For the New Profile you will be prompted to select for the “Start with Fresh settings or copy from default ?” Select “Start fresh” as shown in Photo A., this will enable a clean version of Krypton where the new user may add what ever they would like.
  2. Repeat the same for “Start with fresh media”, Photo B. as was done for Step 1. When completed, exit back to the original screen where you first started this process.
profile As a result, Photo A. clearly indicates there are now multiple Users for the same version of Krypton. To start adding to this new profile, exit back to the main screen and select the “Power Off Icon”. At the bottom of the Power off pop up window, select Log off Master user to proceed. The next screen , Photo B. will now show both Profiles associated to this version of Kodi. Click on the new name you have chosen to proceed with installing your choice of Add-ons, Builds, Media Music, etc. In addition, Photo B indicates what appears each time you open Kodi Krypton. You will now have the option of continuing with the Master User or the New profile that was added. *Note* Before re-booting Krypton, you must go back to Interface and enable the skin associated with the Build. Failure to do so may cause issues when opening Kodi Krypton. If there is no Build being used, the above steps are not necessary.


Creating a new profile is entirely a personal option for all users. While it may be practical, it may also cause the odd conflict between users. Most noteworthy, I believe, is allowing Parents the ability to have some control over what their children are viewing in Kodi. Due to the increased activity of “Trolls ” lurking on the internet, Streaming World Forum has a dedicated section on Kids Safety. Especially relevant  articles such as Keep Them Safe and others can be found in our blog section. We have more to offer in the Forum than Kodi related topics, find out more by joining. It’s easy and it’s free.