Adjusting Video Screen in Kodi

Have you ever opened your Kodi and found that the screen is “Skewed” or looks like it’s zoomed in and the edges are missing ? Well here’s a fix that everyone will be able to apply to Kodi 16.1, Krypton 17 and all Forks. Understanding where and how to adjust the video screen is one of the easiest fix that anyone can do. But before we begin, it’s always a good idea to check your Android device settings. You may have to adjust your settings there as well.
  • Go to Main settings in your Device. (Android Box)
  • Select display settings or Screen resolution. (varies depending on the Android version)
  • Disable auto-detect HDMI.
  • Now set it manually under HDMI output mode settings to 1080p, 50hz or you can set to what suits best according to the capacity of your TV manually by selecting it from the options on it.

How to Adjust/Calibrate

First of all, for the purpose of this article, all work was done on a PC for the screen captures. In addition, Kodi Jarvis 16.1 with no build was used. Instructions to adjust Krypton will be included at the end. Because the method is the same for both versions of Kodi, I’ll only show where to find the settings to adjust. adjust So lets start by clicking on System in Kodi, then select System again (located at the bottom) Ensure you are “Expert Level”, if not simply click on it until it changes. Scroll up to Video Output (1.), as shown in above photo and then move over to Video calibration (2.) and click.

Four Click Solution

adjust In the next screen you see, there will be 4 tasks you need to complete. Task #1. Move the cursor with a Mouse or use the remote to move to the top left corner. If a Tablet with the “touch” feature is enabled, use your finger to “click” on the indicator. Task #2. All tho not shown in the above photo, there will be the same indicator there as you see at #1. Do the same as instructed in Task #1.   adjust Task #3. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and a Horizontal line will appear. This will be where the Subtitle text position will appear when enabled. Most prefer to leave that where it is.   adjust Finally, Task #4.  Move the Cursor to the middle of your screen and a Square will appear. 99% of the time it is already set so there shouldn’t be a need to adjust it. Screen Adjust is now completed. To exit, if using a keyboard, click the “esc” key, if using the remote use the “back” key. If you are using a Tablet with touch feature enabled, “slide up” from the bottom and select the “back icon”

Krypton Screen Adjust/Calibration


For those using Krypton or Krypton Forks :
  1. Select System.
  2. System Settings.
  3. Display (Red Arrow #1.)
  4. Scroll down to Video calibration. (Red Arrow #2.)
  5.  Follow the same procedure as described in the Jarvis Version.


Understanding what needs to be done is half the battle. Many of you have an understanding of where to Adjust your screen. But there is another growing group who as a result have become overwhelmed with what to do with Kodi issues. Consequently, creating these Blogs will hopefully enable those who have just discovered Kodi enjoy all it has to offer. Join us in the Streaming World Forum where we have all the latest kodi community news. In addition to our dedicated Team there to answer all your questions/issues, it’s free to join.