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Alternative Kodi Solution

Kodi has become a household name mainly because the costs of from cable companies have grown excessive.  As popularity of Kodi grows you may find yourself looking for alternative Kodi solution.  Well look no further we are here to help you with your needs because we get it.  The average person simply could not afford nor justify the excessive monthly charges that the major providers where asking for.  This has sent the average Joe running to find out more about and avail of alternative sources for their next fix of The Walking Dead, Supernatural and whatever sports streaming you may require. 

Most of the limelight has fallen on the very popular and easily accessible world of Kodi, with it’s amazing array of very popular third-Party Add-ons which can bring such a vast mixture of Free Streaming content to all. Regardless of their technical know how.

Why is this all happening?

In light of the most recent blow to the Kodi community which has seen a lot of third-party add-on developers having to take their add-ons down.  Now for some this will only be a temporary measure while they rethink the risks evolved and take any extra measures they may need to protect themselves from any legal repercussions. No one can really fault them for that now. As frustrating as it may be for you the users at the moment, Please remember these people put their blood, sweat and tears into these add-ons so taking them down is not something they could ever do lightly. I would like to commend them all for sharing all of their hard work with us all thus for.

For now whilst the dust settles we owe them our patience and support. In the meantime we can avail of alternative sources for our Streaming needs. Sources such as third-party apps and streaming websites which have happily co-existed along side Kodi can now hopefully help fill the void until things settle back down.

Android Apps

There are many great third-party android apps that can be very easily downloaded onto your android or Amazon Fire TV Devices to run completely separate from Kodi.  They cover a lot of the same content that is available from the third-party Kodi add-ons. With Apps available to provide you with all the last Movies and TV Shows and Apps available to offer a wide range of Live TV content.

Before You Can Download And Install Any Third-Party Apps

As these apps are what are known as Third-Party Apps – Meaning that they are apps which come from a source outside of the Google Play Store, You will have to take a few easy steps before being able to download and install them onto your device.  On Your Device go to the main Settings Menu-

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Security
  • Unknown sources – Ensure box beside this is checked-

You are now free to download and install Third-Party Apps onto your device.


Downloading Third-Party APKs onto Android Mobile Phones can be quite hit and miss.

This is due to the Android stock download managers on the devices being very basic and limited.  They are for the main only aimed at downloading apps that come direct from the native android app store Google Play Store. Not for handling Apps from outside sources or App Stores.

Trying to download using these download managers will result in you getting errors such as ‘Unable to install,’ ‘ Can’t open File’ or Parse Error.


Thankfully the solution is as easy as downloading another app which contains a better suited Download Manager. Download either ES File Explorer , Advanced Download Manager or  UC Browser straight from your Google PlayStore.

These Apps contain download managers better equipped to handle third-Party APKs.

Then It’s Up To You Which App To Download First

Now for the latest movies and TV Shows apps like the ones below can’t be beaten. They are way more reliable and require very little maintenance. Being ad supported to pay for better servers helps with that.  You will get one advertisement before each stream starts then your stream is not interrupted again.

Apps For New Movies And TV Shows

A guide to the most popular Apps for Movies and TV Shows:-

Apps For Live TV

A guide to the most popular apps for Live TV content:-

Information on any new or updated APKs available can be found in the APK Section Of Our Forum

If You Need A Cross- Platform Option – For Use from the Browser Of Any Device Or operating System


Also Available On Our Forum:-

Please Note – Some Of The Sites or Apps My Be Blocked By Your Internet Service Provider in the UK

For A Guide To Removing ISP Block Please See Here

In Conclusion

As none of the above alternative option involve touching your pre-existing Kodi Set-up when any of your normal Add-ons of Choice which are currently having any issues will be left intact for when they are back in operation again.  Personally I have always made use of all three Free Streaming Options- Kodi, Apps & Websites to help make my Home Media setup as fail-Proof as possible. Thanks mainly to a great piece of advice I was given as a Noob to all things Streaming a wise man told me “Never to rely on any one source or streaming Option, Always have a Backup to any important content from each option. One thing we can be assured of is that as much as we love all these add-ons, Apps and sites none of them would ever be around forever.” Advice that’s served me well.

As always if you have any questions or issues we are available to help where possible from Our Forum.  As mentioned, do not worry, you do have an alternative Kodi solution to keep you streaming.