Searching for Help on the Forum

Asking for help on Ares Forum can be very nerve racking.  You might wonder; how do they know so much?  What are they going to say?  Can they help me easily?  We get it because I can promise you.. We were all there; yes even the guru's themselves had to figure it out.  Searching for help on the Ares Forum can be quite easy should you know where to look.  This article will hopefully highlight just a few places to look when you want to search for a topic.

We, at Ares Project, understand all members have different levels of experience with technology and Kodi.  We understand you might not get it as quickly as some others and we are here to show you the way.  As you are probably starting to see the Ares Project is able servicing the community.  This is strictly due to the fact we are only as strong as our members and the only way to grow the community is to help you grow.  If this inspires you to pay it forward and help others on the forum even better!  Just remember searching for help on the forum is made to be easy because we want you to find the information quickly.

Searching for Help

Important Information to Provide

When asking for help on our forum.  Simply pick the section most relevant to your problem or issue.  Then to better enable us to assist you please state the following:-

  • The device and version of operating system you are using
  • The Version of KODI/SPMC you are using
  • If you are using a build – Which One?
  • If your issues are with an add-on or app – Which one
  • A brief outline of the issue or error you are getting.

Search Functions & News Ticker

In addition to all the great resources in the different nodes, threads, and posts on the forum we have some great search functions available to you.

Below you will see the red highlighted arrows showing you three functions.

  • The first search will let you search for any word, keyword, etc.  You also have the ability to search only by the titles for a specific keyword by clicking the box “search titles only”.
  • The second search function allows you to search for a post by a specific member.
  • The third search function allows you to search for posts newer than: (Specific date).

Search Bar

The News Ticker

The News Ticker scrolling across the screen is another great way to search as this has information the admin team finds useful.  The News Ticker will show key posts or announcements to help users.  Since the information changes often, we remove outdated articles regularly.  We do our best to keep the community updated to all things going around.

News Ticker

These two tools are great resources that will help you in your search for answers.  I always suggest these first because you have the ability to have your questions answered instantaneously.

In Conclusion

The Ares Forum is a wonderful place to get the help you need to virtually anything.  You have the ability to use many methods for searching for help and while we did not highlight it the easiest way will always be to ask.  Whether your goal is to get some technical help on your device, learn about Kodi, keep up with the latest trends we have a place for you.  We have a full movie & tv section where members can introduce us to their favorite series or a new movie  you just have to see!  So what are you waiting for?  Come on over and start navigating on Ares Forum.