The Ares Wizard has had a few upgrades to bring more of what users demand, easy android installs and retro gaming being sought by many, so grab yourself a game controller and prepare to transform your android boxes in a few clicks, retro gaming is now on the Ares Wizard. However, also take note that a bunch of android apps and several versions of Kodi have been added, allowing the support of multiple builds easily on one device.

Archive Logins

Just before we delve into those updates, I also wanted to point out that Mr Dobson has figured out how to log into Archive via Kodi – this may make your eyes glaze over, so I’ll be brief; the high demand builds hosted on Archive recently hit a problem, where Archive forced logins to download – normally something of a bind from android boxes. Well if you create any account (even if you don’t actually use it) this login can be entered and this allows downloads from Archive – Ares is the ONLY Wizard to be able to do this. (take note Ares does NOT store this info, so you will have to key it in each time you are prompted to do so)

You can unblock many “dns censored” sources with a smartdns solution 

smart dns, unblock kodi sources, private dns, uncensored dns, unblockr

If you use p2p add ons, torrents, or in countries that prohibit streaming use a vpn from a reputable provider like Private Internet Access.

private internet access, pia, vpn, paid versus free vpn

UPDATE: Ares offer free hosting – head over to the forum to grab your free build hosting..

Android Apps

A few additional apps have been added too, llike Kodi 16.1, SPMC, ESFE, plus some great tools like Fing and WiFi Analyzer,  etc and more are planned so keep an eye on this section as more updates will be added as they are tested.

Retro Gaming

I tested this on an Amazon Fire TV (non root) to prove it will work on almost anything, although I am told some games will need root in future updates, so lookout for those if you have a rooted device.

If you don’t have the Ares Wizard you can follow this guide and then follow the rest of this guide.

  • Start Ares Wizard
  • Click Browse Addons
ares wizard, android iptv, retro gaming As you can see this section now boasts several Android options, Applications (various useful apps), IPTV Apps, Launchers, Games (retro games & Android games) and finally a bunch of Kodi apps, forks and modified Kodi versions – these will come with Ares Wizard pre-installed, so its easier to add 2nd, 3rd and even 4th builds  – storage permitting!

NOTE: In order not to smoke the servers into submission a PIN code has been added, this changes every 20m. This both prevents (hopefully) overloading with serial downloaders (!) and those that share it across social media without realising the problems it can cause.

Pin Access

ares wizard get pin

If you click launch browser a page will popup with the current pin ( you might have to scroll down slightly), On devices that have no browser, hit the install chrome option, then hit launch browser.

Its worth noting that this uses an SSL (secure) link to access the server (see the padlock and https? )

ares wizard pin

Note the PIN and enter it on the pin option (if you click back on your control you will return to the Ares Wizard screen). Yes the pin in the top screen differs from the screen below, don’t use these numbers, the pin changes hourly.

ares wizard enter pin

Enter the pin displayed and press return – this will reveal all the menu items within.

  • Click Android Apps
ares wizard android apps

Here you will see a list of the current apps available – If you want to see more added, simply post on the forum and the team will work on adding them. If you have non rooted devices like Amazon Fire TV – then you will be prompted to complete the install of your selected apps, rooted devices will install without prompts.

Android IPTV Apps

Clicking here will give you a list of popular streaming apps to add to your devices, note the advice on usage, eg. touch, keypad, mouse, etc;

Android Games

The retro gaming scene has been growing in popularity and Ares have added both retro emulators and android games there is a growing list here, so be sure to scroll through. Its worth noting the guidance given for interfaces, such as gamepad, touchscreen, keyboard etc.

The install process for games varies – retro games will require you to install the emulator then the ROM pack. The others apps are simpler – but each app requires you to authorise on your device (unrooted)

  • Click Emulator Pack Light – (the download dialogue will come up – add the more pack if you have space)
  • Folow the dialogue on screens to

Now you will need to exit Ares Wizard

  • Click Close (top right)

When you return to Kodi you will see new entries in the Program section in Kodi

A collection of games in the pack will be listed;

Kodi Forks & Modified Apks

Ares provides a bunch of Kodi versions here, which you can use to run several different builds or experiment with different ones as much as you like;

Here you see the dialogue after downloading one of the apks, click ok to commence the install and away you go.

If you have any requests, head over to the Ares Forum and let us know what else you’d like to see added.