CinemaBox HD Streaming Content


CinemaBox HD Free Streaming APK  is fantastic app the covers all your  and your children’s Media Streaming and Downloading needs in one place.  Once known as PlayBox HD, CinemaBox has only got better since it was upgraded to become CinemaBox HD.  This app allows users to stream, download and Cast a wide range of content. You can access all the latest movies and TV Shows, Latest Music Albums along with all the latest Cartoons to keep your little ones happy. There is also a section of  Anime series as well as a full section of Korean Dramas.  The app is easily adapted for your  children by enabling ‘Kids Mode’ within the apps setting’s. Enabling ‘Kids Mode will allow you to block all of the content that you don’t want your little ones exposed to.

CinemaBox HD Can be downloaded onto any Android Mobile,  Tablet or TV Box as well as Amazon Fire Sticks and Amazon Fire Sticks. For use with the Amazon Fire Stick which has a Stock Remote Control with very limited functions you will have to add the Mouse Toggle Air Mouse App to your device also. This will give you more functionality with your Stock Remote and help you navigate the app with ease. For a guide to downloading and using the Mouse Toggle Air Mouse App please see here:-  

 Before You Download CinemaBox HD APK

CinemaBox permissions

As CinemaBox HD what is known as a third party AP Meaning that it is an app that comes from a source other than Androids Stock App Market, Google Play Store. There are a few simple steps you will have to take before your Android device will let you download and install it.

On your Android device go to the main settings menu:-

  • Menu
  • Setting
  • Security
  • Unknown Sources – Make sure the box beside this is checked

You are now free to download the APK and install the app onto your device

CinemaBox HD APK –

Once You Have Downloaded CinemaBox HD App

Once you have downloaded and installed the CinemaBox HD App you will be able to start Streaming and Downloading right away.  Simply Open your app and pick whether you would like to Stream or Download from the following Categories. You will find the Categories in the side menu which you access by tapping the three lines in the top corner.


  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Cartoons
  • Aninmes
  • Favourites
  • Movie Downloads
  • Settings
  • Music Videos
  • Drama (Korean)
  • IMDb Top 100 movies

To Make The App Child Friendly

If you are using the CinemaBox HD App on a Child or Young persons device you can restrict the content to PG Rated.   Simply go to Settings in your side Menu and enable Kids Mode:-

  • Side Menu
  • Settings
  • Configuration Mode
  • Check the Box Beside Kids Mode

To Stream, Download or Cast The Media Content


To Stream any of the media content simply tap on the Corresponding picture then on the link to the Stream on the next page.  Your Stream will then play.  Multilingual Subtitles are available by tapping the ‘CC‘ at the bottom of your screen and choosing form the list of languages that pops up.


Once you have started the stream you will  then be able to opt to Download it instead.  Simply tap on tap on the Downward Facing Arrow in the top corner o your screen and your download will begin. Any movies or TV Shows you Download will be found in your side Menu >Movie Downloads


You can also opt to Cast or Mirror the content from your Android Mobile or Tablet to your Smart TV, Apple TV Android Box with the use of Wifi Sharing. To do this tap on the Wifi symbol at the top of you screen and enter Browser Address in the pop-up box  into the any device with one of the following browsers:- Chorme, Firefox, Safari or Smart TV.

In Conclusion

Cinemabox HD App is one of the first all in one all round Media Streaming and Downloading apps. That caters for both adults and children alike. Its an all round family app with something for everyone. Please note that the Cinemabox HD App is Ad supported but the ads are moderate and never impact on your viewing. If you have any questions or issues with this app we are more than happy to assist as always at Ares Forum.