Death Streams Configuration

This article is a configuration guide for Death Streams  add-on to get the best stream available for Movies and TV Shows. Specifically this is the same configuration guide used in the Salts Add-on. Because the Scraper List will be in numerical order, it will therefore make it easier for you to follow as you enable each one. Many of you will recognize this configuration from a previous Blog on S.A.L.T.S. Add-on. Due to Salts no longer working, the Dev Team from Mr. Blamo created a Fork called Death Streams. While the settings appear to be exactly the same, there are a few major changes that need addressing. The new Scraper List, for example, includes many of the same listed in the Salts. Most noteworthy is their new location, as a result it was necessary to create this article to show where the new changes have occurred. In addition, if you’re using Death Streams for the first time, you will appreciate how this configuration will improve your results.

How to Use Configuration Guide

configuration guide After installing Death Streams, select Open, and then select Settings.


configuration guide Once opened, you will see a number of different options available. Rather than going thru each category, I’ve selected the most useful and commonly used settings.
  • Scraper Sort Order. A list of Scrapers and their numerical list will be provided at the end of this Configuration Guide.
  • URL Resolver. Enable URL Resolver in the same manor you used for enabling in Kodi.
  • Add-on Settings. A detailed list of settings will be shown further in this article.
  • Authorize Death Streams to activate my account.

Scraper Sort Order

configuration guide After selecting Scraper Sort Order, you will see a list of the scrapers used as shown in Photo A.  Rather than turn each one off individually, click on  **Disable All Scrapers**.  The scraper list will now be in red, indicating they are disabled, Photo B. configuration guide Finally, when completed, your scraper list will look like the photo above. Here’s a hint when using the scraper list found at the end of this article. After disabling, scroll down to the bottom and enable each scraper working your way to the top. As a result of doing this probably hundreds of times, enabling from the bottom is much faster and easier. Keep an eye on the Green FL number found at the end of each scraper. FL stands for Failure Rate, if it continues to increase it will change colour. For more information on this topic, click here.   configuration guide Before continuing, you must have a account. For more information about Trakt and Kodi Add-ons, please click here.

Source Management Configuration

configuration guide After the Scraper List, this section will be the most important area to configure.
  • Auto Play Sources. Does just that, after selecting a Movie/TV Show it will auto play the first reliable source. I prefer to choose my own, so it’s a personal preference.
  • Source Selection Method. Directory should be enabled for all add-ons you have installed. In addition to Death Streams, Covenant, Elysium, Poseidon, Gurzil just to name a few have this option in settings Playback. Context menu will not appear for a stream in any mode except Directory mode.
  • Scraper Timeout (seconds) (0=no limit) Set this to 20, any longer is a waste of time for a scraper to search for a link.
configuration guide Scrolling further down are the final options that need to complete the configuration guide.
  • Pre-Test All Direct Sources. This is a nice feature to have enabled. Pre-testing will do a quick check as it scans the available link sources and determine the reliability,in theory, for you. I have mine enabled and have never had an issue with the results.
  • Source Exclusion List. Death Streams has no option to disable hosters with captcha. Therefore enabling this option will prevent the “” streams when searching for a movie. After selecting to enable, a keyboard will appear. Type the following Exactly :,, click done to set.
  • Maximum Allowed TV Show Quality and Movie Quality. HD 1080 is the default setting.  If you are having issues with viewing anything higher than 720, click either arrow to cycle thru until you find the resolution best for you.

Source Sorting

configuration guide Under Source Sorting, click “Sort Sources”, starting with 1st Sort Key enter the following :
  • 1st Sort Key – Quality. Since we do not need to change the Sort Key Order, keep these at Best to Worst for all.
  • 2nd Sort Key – Rating.
  • 3rd Sort Key – Views.
  • 4th Sort Key – Source.
  • 5th Sort Key – Direct.
If you have a Real Debrid Account, set the 1st Sort Key – Debrid. 2nd Sort Key – Quality. Keep the Sort Key Order  as Best to Worst.

Current Scraper List

configuration guide   At time of publishing this article, the above list is the most current.  All major changes will be added as necessary after each update.


I couldn’t be more pleased that this Add-on has come back to life. Having spent countless hours researching and speaking to those involved when it was known as S.A.L.T.S., some here say I have OCD (they’re right eh Irish ?) I’m sure after you have used the Configuration Guide, you to will discover just how good this Add-on is. If you have any questions concerning this Configuration, we’ll be happy to help you in Streaming World Forum. Click here to join, it’s Free.

NOTE: We urge users to check locally applicable laws with regard to use of Kodi 3rd party add-ons and the content provided. Any advice provided by mods or admins is done so research, education or viability purposes only. We do not encourage nor condone piracy in any way shape or form. You use the advice given solely at your own risk.