Death Streams RD

Death Streams RD (Real Debrid) while similar to Death Streams, is geared towards Real Debrid users. This Add-on can be found in the Blamo Repo by the Dev Mr.Blamo. I have been delaying making a Configuration Guide similar to Death Streams for many reasons but it’s time has come to create a similar guide. In this article, I will show how to configure the Settings to optimize the add-on as well as provide a Scraper List. Like Death Streams, I will keep this up to date as changes are made by Mr. Blamo as soon as possible.  

Death Streams RD Settings

  death streams rd   Once you have installed the Blamo Repo, open the Add-on and select Settings as shown in the photo. Since some of you may be new to Kodi, please refer to this Link on how to Install Add-ons.   death streams rd In addition to discussing the Scraper Sort order, we will also touch on :
  • URL Resolver Settings
  • Add-on Settings
  • and briefly on Trakt settings

Scraper Sort List

  death streams rd The Scraper list is probably the most misunderstood setting in many add-ons and this one is no exception. The ability to enable/disable a scraper in Death Streams RD/Death Streams is what makes this so unique. This is due to being able to see what scrapers are actually successfully finding sources when doing a search. Failure Level (FL), as shown in Green or Yellow above is the best way to observe this action. More on this later, so to continue, select **Disable All Scrapers** at the top of the page.   death streams rd Once you have Disabled all scrapers, they will appear in RED, indicating they have been disabled. In order to enable a Scraper, it’s a simple matter of clicking each scraper needed. “What scraper should I use ?” You ask ? That’s where research and copious amounts of alcohol by yours truly come in and the main reason why I have delayed making this guide. I wanted to show what a “bad” Scraper looks like according to the FL shown above. Numbers 64 and 65 are perfect examples of high failure level’s indicating these consistently fail to find stream sources when a search is initiated. Consequently, after hours of searching for Movies/TV Shows, the worst of the bunch are clearly seen and can be disabled. This solves a number of issues. The most important is speed, the less time it takes to find a working source, the faster you get to view the stream. I have created and provided a Current Scraper List for all to use. It can be found at the end of this Guide. Once completed, go back to the Settings page by selecting the blank line with Two Dots found at the top of the page.  

URL Resolver Settings

The next setting we will touch on is the URL Resolver. Prior to beginning, if this is the first time enabling URL Resolver on the device being used, it’s especially relevant to complete this process first. Please click here for the easy and complete method to enable URL Resolver.   death streams rd After selecting URL Resolver Settings, select the second listing (#1) and scroll down to Real-Debrid located about 2/3 the way down the page. Click on Priority (#2) to continue.   death streams rd A Keypad will appear as shown above:
  1. Click on Backspace to clear the number 100.
  2. Use the Keypad to enter 90.
  3. Select Done when completed.
      death streams rd Select (Re)Authorize My Account and follow the instructions as show in the link provided earlier.  

Trakt-TV in Death Streams RD

  death streams rd To add your Trakt-TV Account to this Add-on, scroll down to/click the “Authorize …… account” found in the Settings page. You must have a Trakt-TV Account before proceeding. If you don’t, follow this link to learn how to acquire an account as well as how to Authorize it in those add-ons that have it available. The process to Authorize is the same for all add-ons.  

Source Management Settings

  death streams rd Almost done and we’re now getting to Heart and Soul of the Configuration Guide. Source Management, the name says it all. So lets go thru the relevant options that you may or may not wish to complete.
  • Auto-Play Sources: If you wish to have the first available stream to play the enable this by clicking anywhere on that line. If like me you want to select the Source of choice (such as 1080p-720p resolution or the actual Source) then leave it blank.
  • Source Selection Method: click until it reads Directory.
  • Scraper Timeout : In the Death Streams Add-on and the S.A.L.T.S. Add-on where this all began, it was recommended to set this to 20. However since there has been an increase in new Scrapers as well as Sources, setting this option to 45 seconds will allow all the Scrapers to complete their search. For just a few seconds more you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Setting it lower will only stop the Search from completing thus showing less Sources to choose from.

Source Management part 2

  death streams rd Scrolling further down :
  • Filter Out Unusable Sources: does exactly as described.
  • Show Debrid Sources in… : This will allow you to change the colour you would like to see the Real Debrid Sources highlighted in. Default is Blue, I happen to have Green. To change this, simply click anywhere on that line. A pop up keyboard will appear, simply type the name of colour you wish to use and click Done.
  • Source Exclusion List: If you wish to not receive any captcha pair-me links from Openload, click on that line. The keyboard will appear and enter this exactly as shown :,, . Select Done with completed. This will not prevent any of the sites, but Real Debrid at time of publishing does not allow those sites.
  • Maximum Allowed TV Show Quality : If you have no issues with your ISP and can view 1080p resolution sources then set this at HD 1080 for both TV Show and Movie Quality. However if your service is slow or if you live in area where it is physically impossible to get proper High Speed Internet, you may want to lower this to 720p or lower if need be.

Source Management part 3

  death streams rd   Consecutive Failure Level Limit : Anything over 40 is really a waste of time in my opinion. If the Scraper is failing to find a working source after 40 attempts, I can’t see how it will improve. As a result of continuous searches, the Scrapers in the List provided may eventually start to creep up. But keep in mind, the examples I showed earlier were consistently not providing reliable stream sources and were easy to discover and disable. To set the Failure level to zero, bring the context menu up by right clicking with your mouse – select C on the keyboard or hit the button with 3 lines on your remote. Find Reset Failures and click. The results will return to zero.  

Source Sorting Death Streams RD

  death streams rd   Unlike the setup found in Death Streams, there are only two (2) areas that need setting.
  • Select Sort Sources.
  • On the 1st Sort key, click until it reads Debrid. You may use either the up or down arrow.
  • The 1st Sort Key Order Default is set to Best to Worst . This is the setting we want, so continue to the 2nd Sort Key.
  • 2nd Sort Key,  just like the 1st sort key, click until it reads Quality.

Alluc Setting

  death streams rd   FINALLY ! , yes this is the last step. Recently, Alluc API Site had announced they will no longer be providing or maintaining the API Code. Therefore it makes no sense in activating the scraper. To disable this option, while in settings move to the right one place to Scrapers 1. Alluc Enabled will be at the top, clicking anywhere in that line shown will disable it as indicated by the unlit radio bar (blank dot) at the far right.

Configuration Scraper List

The following list will be updated as needed. Making a copy of this list will make it easier for you to follow as you enable each working Scraper. For your convenience, the list is in Numerical Order : death streams rd  

In Conclusion

First of all, congratulations for reading this novel. Once you have navigated thru this guide for the first time, you will find that reading the article takes longer than the actual setup. Please keep in mind that this is a one time setup. The only future changes you will have to do is updating the Scraper list. That will only be selecting any new Scraper Changes made by Mr. Blamo when there is an update pushed thru. Total time to complete this Guide should not take more than 6-7 minutes at most. Please visit for more helpful Blogs.