I just came across this add-on while I was looking through Metal Chris’s repository for another add-on and wanted to give it a try.  I have to say it is done very well.  It is all previously shown episodes but it is all shown in great quality.  I tested out a few shows and everything was coming in at 1080 and looked great.  Metal Chris has done a great job bringing Full episodes of your favorite shows from the Discovery Channels such as Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Destination America, and much more.  I hope you find it as helpful as I have and enjoy watching all this content.

Discovery Channel Installation Options

Discovery Channels Addon

  Discovery Channels Updated ; Current version of this addon is 3.2.8 – first detected 2017-10-30

You can unblock many “dns censored” sources with a smartdns solution with no loss of line speed;

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If you use p2p add ons, torrents, or in countries that prohibit streaming use a vpn from a reputable provider like Private Internet Access.

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Installing Metal Chris Repo

Now we are going to take a look at how to install Metal Chris’ Repository.  The first way you can download is to click here to download it directly and install it onto your device. using the install from zip file.  If you are using a device where you can’t click on the link you will need to download it by typing in the following address:


Once you have this zip you will once again go back into Kodi and navigate to System–>Add-ons–>Install from Zip–>Select where you downloaded the zip to and wait for it to say “add-on enabled”.

Now that we have installed MetalChris’s Repository we can move forward with installing the Discovery Channels add-on.

Installing Discovery Channels Add-on

Now that we have installed MetalChris’s Repository we can move forward with installing the Discovery Channels add-on.

Installing Discovery Channels

  • Click Install from repository

install discovery channels from repository

  • Click on MetalChris’s Repository

metalchris's repository

  • Click Video Add-ons

Video Add-ons

  • Select Discovery Channels

metal chris's repository list video addons

  • Click Install

install discovery channels

  • Wait for “add-on enabled”

discovery channels enabled

Great news this means the add-on has been installed and we can start watching some of the shows and movies this add-on has to offer.  From this point you have two ways to access this add-on.  You can either click on the add-on here and bring up this screen and click open:

open discovery channels

or you can navigate back to the home screen and access from your Videos or Video Add-ons section.

Taking a look at Discovery  Channels

Either way it will open the same for you and you will see this view of the main menu:

discovery channels main menu

As you can see there are plenty of channels to choose from and when you enter any of the channels you’ll find lists of episodes you can enjoy.  I pulled a few shots from an episode of Gold Rush so you can see what to expect.

Gold rush on discovery channels

discovery channels main channel

gold rush on discovery channels

 Hope you enjoy the content provided, but please remember, it is very difficult to provide support in the comments so please visit Ares Project for further support.