This easy firetv install method is a simple way to avoid having to lookup codes or remember weird short urls. The added bonus once we have this launcher installed, we can install and update both Kodi & SPMC, result! This will require the use of a free app to pull the files to your device  – but this is super simple! UPDATE: I am adding a couple of things as people seem distressed by creating accounts on FireTV products that have their emails etc – probably sellers? However if you are paranoid then these two snippets will help you setup fake accounts with test card info.

Fake Name Generator

A tad OTT for some perhaps, but if you’re going to do this, do it properly. You even get a fake (active) email address.

Test Credit Card Numbers

This site lists test CC numbers – these should work for basic validation purposes, but you cant actually buy anything!

Fire TV Install Preparation

If you have already sideloaded an app, then you will have switched on ADB debugging and Install from unknown sources. If they sound unfamiliar, follow these steps now.
  • Scroll down to Settings
  • Navigate along to System
  • Scroll down to Developer Options
firetv kodi install  
  • Click BOTH ADB debugging & Apps from Unknown sources
firetv kodi install  

Install “Downloader”

This is a free app in the Amazon app store, which is very lightweight and simple. This is so much better than the bloated and awkward to use ES File Explorer. It was just 3rd in my free apps list too. If you dont see it (Amazon move things around! – do a search for “downloader”) firetv downloader install  
  • Click Downloader App
  • Click Download
You will be prompted for permission to install etc. Then once installed, open the Downloader application.

Installing AppStarter

App Starter is a great tool for your FireTV devices. This neat application will give you access to both Kodi and SPMC installs and updates. That alone makes this a must have application! AppStarter has lots of cool options for controlling updates, those of you with more experience can have nightly Kodi builds installed if you like. Make sure you explore it options. If you havent installed the FireTV remote control app from the App store to your phone or tablet – do that now. Just search for FireTV – it makes typing in urls very simple.
  • Type EXACTLY into the downloader URL bar.
You can get older versions of Kodi/SPMC this way too;
  • You can get pre droid 5 SPMC here by using
  • SPMC – (Android 5+) Jarvis
  • CEMC – (Android 4.2+) Jarvis (but https patched)
  • FTMC – (Android 4.4+) Jarvis (but https patched)
(The new versions of Kodi and SPMC are built into the Appstarter utility and cna be updated in 1-click!)
  • Hit Download
  • The progress bar will show the download progress.
  • Grant permission to install
  • Wait for the app installed message, then click the hamburger button to launch
Once AppStarter opens – it will display any apps you have installed already, but scroll down to updates. The image below shows, I dont have kodi installed – only SPMC. You can clearly see there are update checks, this makes future upgrades super easy – 1 click – done! appstarter seetings  
  • Click Check for Update or Install
  Here you will see that SPMC has an update available   To install any updates – you simply hit the “Update to latest Version”
  • Click Update to latest Version
kodi install to firetv   Once the app has downloaded you will be prompted to install   Click Next and the update will install. This method of installing Kodi and SPMC will prevent your devices “auto updating” – thus giving you the option and choice when you want to update, say from 16 to 17, or 18! If you need any help or advice, head over to the Forum