What is Inputstream Adaptive

The recent update release from Kodi on the Krypton 17.3 has failed to enable a feature called InputStream Adaptive. So what you say ! What does it do ? How do I use it ? Well here’s a quick explanation of what InputStream Adaptive does : This package is required to allow add-ons like the Youtube to work properly in Krypton 17 . Therefore allowing the add-on to support 1080p resolutions and up and solve some issues with mpeg-dash videos. The following steps can be used in Krypton 17.3 as well as any Krypton Forks Nodi, MyGica Media and SPMC v17.4-alpha 10. inputstream Because the add-on is pre-installed in Kodi Krypton, it a simple matter of knowing where to locate it, and then enable. After opening Kodi, hover the cursor over the Add-ons tab in the vertical menu bar to your left . Red Arrow 1. Then select the My add-ons icon at the top of the screen. Red arrow 2.

Enabling Inputstream Adaptive

inputstream Scroll down to the bottom of the list of Add-ons and select VideoPlayer InputStream. inputstream Select InputStream Adaptive option. inputstream Click on the Enable button at the bottom of the window. Return to the previous menu. Repeat  to Access the RTMP Input option and select Enable.


inputstream As a result of correctly enabling both the InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input, will now indicate confirmation with a Check Mark in front of each selection. That is it, all done. You can now return to the home page.


This is a rather unknown and unused option in Kodi Krypton. So those of you who enjoy using the YouTube Add-on will, as a result of using the option, find an improvement in the  quality and resolution. As always, if you have any questions on any topic, please stop by the Streaming World Forum. It’s free to join and we have Staff on line almost round the clock.