Krypton has Lyrics for My Music ?

Did you know you could enable Lyrics in Krypton ? Absolutely ! Once you have enabled your personal music files turn your Kodi Krypton into your own Karaoke Machine! Occasionally when researching information for these articles, we come across something that makes you stop and think. While working on recent Blog on how to add your personal music files to krypton. (link)  I stumbled across an Icon that seemed strange and out of place really. Something that I have never seen before. lyrics So here I was checking out the results of adding my Music Files for a blog, I happened to notice this new Icon. (see photo above) Due to being so curious I selected it to see where it would take me. Keep in mind before returning to the main home page, I had already selected a song to play. As shown in the top right corner, ♫ Fool In The Rain ♫ by Led Zeppelin.

Locating Lyric Icon

lyrics What do I see ! the Krypton Music Player! Now in my defense, I don’t use this option in Krypton at all. My use is primarily Movies and TV Shows to say I was surprised is an understatement. As a result, noticing another group of new Icons consequently set my OCD in overdrive !  So lets see what these represent. Besides the usual the Play/Stop/Pause etc. we have 5 more Icons in the bottom right corner. Starting from Left and going Right, here is a brief description of each Symbol :
  • Star Icon– when selected allows you to rate the music file current playing. This would be used if you only wish to play “Rated” music from your files.
  • Single Arrow– is the Repeat feature. In this example it is disabled, click on it to enable the different Repeat options available.
  • Double Arrow– Random Play, as described, this will randomly play any Music File.
  • Rectangular Voice Balloon– or Lyrics. (this is why this Blog came about, Curiosity !)
  • Cog Wheel– Settings, select this to open the settings page. More information below will explain the contents.

Adjusting Lyric Settings

lyrics Selecting the Cog Wheel Icon a new window will appear, Photo A. Select Lyric Add-on if you wish to enable this feature. In Photo B it will be blank for you, but being curious (OCD) I clicked on Get More. The only option available was CU LRC Lyrics, once selected it appeared as shown above.   lyrics
  • Photo A- Once Lyrics is enabled, go back to the previous page. Now when you select the Settings Icon, a new listing -Lyrics and Add-on Settings – will be available.
  • Photo B- Scrapers- This reveals both the Synchronized and Regular Lyric scrapers listed. The choice is purely personal, I left mine intact.
  • Photo C- Options- The only one I found to be of any interest was the the first option. Display Lyrics Automatically. This can be set as I have or disabling it will allow Lyrics to appear only by you the user. Ultimately the choice is yours.
  • Photo D- Expert- Self explanatory, if the lyrics are off-sync, this can be resolved by adjusting the Time Offset as needed.

Viewing the Lyrics

lyrics There you go! Fool In The Rain, by Led Zeppelin. Photo A shows the beginning of the song. The two Arrows indicate where the song is currently and will drop down to the next sentence just before the current lyric is finished. Photo B shows the same result further along the song. lyrics Here’s a final example of  “Just Came Back” by Colin James. Photos A & B show exactly how the progression of each sentence of the Lyric as the song plays.


In Conclusion, this was the most interesting articles I have done so far only because I was surprised at what I found and it’s uniqueness. There are other Add-ons that have Karaoke, but it’s nice to know this is a built in feature for those of you who enjoy using that type of add-on. How can this be used? This would be a great feature to use when having a Party or at Christmas singing Carols just to name a few. Has Elvis left the Building ? I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did discovering this unique (at least to me) feature in Kodi Krypton. Please feel free to join us in the Streaming World Forum.