Exodus has been the goto Movie & Tv Show add-on for some time now. As Lambda has retired, the updates have fallen on the community’s shoulders over at TV Addons.

The best feature of the forerunner of Exodus, was the library feature. It made keeping your favs, watchlist and so on in an easy and convenient way. Well LIBRARY features are BACK with 3.1.15 update. This was always hugely popular with users of Genesis, indeed its why many still use the forked version of Specto – the library feature is so convenient.

The Bug fix for Kodi 16 users.

** The repo on github has been removed by the owner, therefore is no official repo at present. The download link is now just for the plugin itself – which is also on Ares Wizard – this is temporary until its return **

The recent 3.1.17 & 3.1.18 releases had a major flaw with python <2.7 version. Whaaat? Ok, remember the story recently that you needed to upgrade from 16 to 17  due to HTTPS incompatibility (eg HD links)? Well in simple terms, the recent bug is due to that fix – and caused Exodus to fail on pre-patched versions – eg Kodi 16.1

You will need the new repository zip file – Exodus Repository < click this to get the repo zip! You can get a copy of the Exodus Zip and install it from Ares Wizard. This is the last known version of 3.1.19. The instructions below are only left here in case theres a return of the official repo etc.

Exodus Updated; Current version of this addon is 3.1.19 – first detected 2017-06-21

Changelog: (first 400 characters)… Changelog: (first 400 characters)… 3-1-19 – Fix Python < 2-7 bug in subtitles – Fix Python < 2-7 bug in sources-py 3-1-18 – Fix -pyc inlusion in zip

You can unblock many “dns censored” sources with a smartdns solution, without any slowdown of your line;

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The EU has declared streaming illegal so you may wish to consider using a VPN to hide your activity. In addition if you use p2p add ons, torrents, or in countries that pursue illegal streaming use a vpn from a reputable provider like Private Internet Access.

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Exodus Supported Accounts

  • Trakt
  • IMDB
  • Movieplanet.is
  • OroroTV
  • Real Debrid
  • Premiumize
  • AllDebrid
  • RPnet

I will cover how to install this “old school” but you can install this in 2 clicks from the Ares Wizard, this and many addons and repos are one click installs

Install Exodus On Kodi Jarvis (16)

kodi system

  • Click Add ons

kodi add ons

  • Click Install from zip file

kodi install from zip file

  • Browse to your “download folder” – or wherever you saved the download zip
  • Click repository.exodus-x.x.x.zip
  • Wait for “Exodus repository” enabled notification
exodus repo enabled This will take you back to the Add ons screen.
  • Click Install from repository
  • Click Exodus repository
  • Click Video Add ons
Exodus Video addons  
  • Click Exodus
  • Click Install
  • Wait for “Exodus “ enabled notification
You can open Exodus from here or from Video node.  

Installing Exodus on Kodi Krypton (17)

If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.
  • Download the Exodus repo 
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Click System Settings
  • Click Add-ons
  • Toggle Unknown Sources
  • A warning pop-up will appear
“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Part add-ons you must agree. We strongly advise against installing headline grabbing “the best add-on ever…” etc and use only official developers with a proven track record.
  • Click Add-ons
  • Click Add-on browser (the open box icon)
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Browse to your “download folder” – or wherever you saved the download zip
  • Click repository.exodus-x.x.x.zip (or whatever you called it)
  • Now Wait for “Add-on enabled” message
  • Click Install from repository
  • Click Exodus Repository
  • Click Video add-ons
  • Click Exodus
  • Click Install
  • Now wait for “Add-on enabled” message
You can find the Exodus in Video > Video Add ons or Add-ons (open box) Ok thats the add on installed – i just want to go over a few settings that you might interested in;
  • Downloading
  • Playback Configuration
  • Sky Movie Channels


Ok, *please* check this is legal in your country as downloading copyright material can be an offence that attracts substantial fines, so if you need to download, please use a vpn for your own protection. You can set NAS or local storage to download to with the usual SMB options etc – which you set here; kodi exodus download options

Exodus Playback Options

If you have known issues with HD playback you can set the max quality here to prevent playback issues with some streams. You can see “Hosters with captchas” here – is ON by default i recommend you switch it OFF to avoid those annoying pop-ups (personal choice). exodus kodi playback options

Sky Movies Channels

I have never understood the motivation to get these channels as there is so much more upto date content, but for those of you who want this option, click Channels from the main Exodus menu to see this; exodus sky movie channels There is much more to explore here, but I’ll leave you to do that, I’m off to watch a movie!

This addon is NOT supported by Kodi TV, do not ask for help on their forums, you can use the Ares Forums