What is FL or Failure Level

What FL specifically stands for is “Failure Level”. When a scraper’s FL value exceeds the FL threshold in settings, the scraper will be automatically disabled.  But only if “Automatically Disable Ineffective Scrapers” is set to “On” or trigger a disable prompt if it is set to “Prompt”. Death Streams, a Fork of  S.A.L.T.S. (Stream All The Sources) has thankfully decided to continue the use of this amazing Video Add-on. Originally developed by tk.norris it soon became a very unique Add-on to use. Primarily on how the end user was able to configure the Settings to their personal use. Due to the amount of time required to Maintain and Update an Add-on the Dev (tk.norris) decided to cease looking after Salts and move on to other Life Adventures. Unfortunately the new Dev also found this a daunting undertaking consequently forcing him to step away from the add-on. Mr. Blamo, in order to prevent failure of this amazing Add-on, stepped up and has given it a breath of life. At this time I would like to say Thank You first of all to tk.norris for creating and spending all his time developing S.A.L.T.S. But most noteworthy to Mr. Blamo for keeping this Add-on alive and well, now known as Death Streams. Due to the popularity of this add-on, I created a Configuration Blog when it was known as Salts. It is especially relevant now that it has returned as Death Streams, if interested in using this Configuration, click here.

Where to locate Failure Level Scrapers

failure To access the Scraper list is rather simple, which is also why this add-on is so easy to use.
  1. Open Death Streams.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. click Scraper Sort Order.
The Photo above indicates what the scraper list appears as. As shown in the Photo, Scraper #36 xmovies 8 has reached a FL of 42. Notice the colour of the rate to be just a bit lighter than the others of a lower rate ? The higher the number increases, it will eventually be red, prompting the disable message. The Failure Level (aka FL) increases each time a scraper times out, its FL goes up by 5. If the scraper does not time out, but returns 0 sources, its FL goes up by 1. If a scraper does not time out and returns at least one result, then its FL is reset to 0. The FL disable threshold check is only done when opening the main menu in SALTS. If you are prompted to disable a scraper and choose not to, then it effectively disables FL checking for that scraper indefinitely and its FL will read “N/A” in scraper sort order. In addition, take note of the scrapers themselves. Some are listed in Red while others are in White, Red are disabled and White are enabled. Once again referring back when tk.norris developed this list of scrapers, all red scrapers due to failure to provide links were removed. More information on how to use this list can be found here.

Resetting the Failure Level

failure Using Scraper #36 xmovies 8 as an example: You can reset a scraper’s Failure Level to 0 at any time by using the scraper’s context menu. Right click on the Mouse, selecting “C” on the keyboard, hitting the button with 3 lines on the remote will bring up the Context menu. Hover the cursor over the selected Scraper as shown in the photo above, scroll down to “Reset Failures” and click. It’s that easy. failure Now the Scraper # 36 xmovies 8 has been reset to a value of 0. Resetting the FL on a scraper that has an FL value of “N/A” resets it’s FL to 0 as well as re-enabling FL checking on it.


Keeping this add-on in it’s suggested configuration will require a bit of work at your end, but to be honest, once you have the initial setup completed it’s just a matter of maintenance every so often to ensure it’s optimized. As a result of reducing the Failure level of the scrapers providing the best selection of links, will ultimately reduce your search time. In the end wouldn’t we rather be watching a Movie/TV Show instead of searching for one ? Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any further questions on this or any other topics, feel free to join us in the Streaming World Forum.