In this example I will show you the Ares build itself, however, this applies to any build listed on the Ares Wizard. There are over 300 individual build authors listed with over 400 builds. I lost count to be honest, but there are LOTS! The builds are listed in download order. This should give you an idea of popularity, but don’t let that sway you too much. There are lots of builds further down that are very good. If you dont have the Ares Wizard installed, you need to follow – Install Ares Wizard the return to this guide to install your chosen build.

You can unblock many “dns censored” sources with a smartdns solution 

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If you use p2p add ons, torrents, or in countries that prohibit streaming use a vpn from a reputable provider like Private Internet Access.

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Installing Builds

All the builds have a similar process to install. Generally you will need to fresh start to clear out the previous build. Failing to do this may cause other conflicts or problems. Ares Wizard has a fresh start option in every build area for ease. This procedure deletes any previous installs, any favourites, account logins etc, but they can be saved, which I will show you later.
  • Build with Pin codes, you need to follow an extra procedure detailed after the main dialogue.
  • No Build Listed – ISP blocks are preventing the list – use this UK ISP guide
  • No Pin Shown – ISP blocks are preventing the list – use this UK ISP guide

Start Ares Wizard

  • Click Browse Builds
  • Choose a build
  • If you have a build already installed – click fresh start
    • Fresh Start will remove anything lingering and avoids conflicts
    • Once the Fresh Start has completed – Reboot Kodi
    • Now let Kodi update.
  • Click Install on your chosen build
  • Your build will be downloaded to your device
  • Once downloaded, the zip file will be extracted.
  • Once the extraction completes, you will be asked the following

GUI Backup System

This option will backup the GUI settings, which is how your build looks. This is the build “skin”. If you switch on your device and it reverts back to the basic default Kodi, you can come back to your build and use the “repair” option. You must backup now to enable the repair option.
  • Now we need to “force close”
Ares Wizard has an advanced “force close” system and will be able to close out on “most” devices. If you hit the OK button and Kodi doesn’t stop, you will now have to pull out the power plug. This is a last resort, its generally not required anymore. That’s it, you have installed your build. This takes even a novice less than 15 mins start to finish. Fast and simple. If you want to change or try other builds, simply repeat the process above. There are hundreds to choose from.

Builds That Use “Pin” Codes

If you click a build that uses “pin code” this screen will popup. You need to follow this simple procedure.   You have THREE simple ways to get a pin code,
  • A “Get Pin” – this will work if your device has a browser.
  • B  – Scan the QR code from a phone or tab
  • C – You can enter the url you see
  • (Or if now browser – Install Chrome*) – then hit Get Pin
*Note – some devices already have a browser installed and you do not need to install chrome. Click “get pin” the browser will open if its there.
  • D – Enter the pin code (note these change every 20mins)
This will allow you into the builds list of any build using Ares Wizard “pin codes” Follow the first part of the guide to complete the build install process.

 This addon is NOT supported by Kodi TV, do not ask for help on their forums, you can get support on the Ares Forums