Installing a Repo from Within a Repo

Repo: Kodi includes an interface to browse remote repo from where add-ons can be retrieved. The model is similar to the way many Linux distributions work, whereby there is a main repository that is the default, and and additional ones may be added by the user. (source)   There are many articles and blogs from other people and groups that have explained what a repo is. What it does, and how to use it. Consequently, we come across a question in the Streaming World Forum that ends up being a good idea to Blog about. This no exception. The Androidbboy repo was changed and someone asked where the new url address was. After explaining it was included in the Mr.Blamo repo, the next question was how to install it?  

Before Installing a Repo

  If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Choose System Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Toggle Unknown Sources
  • A warning pop-up will appear
“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Party add-ons you must agree.  We strongly advise against installing headline grabbing “the best add-on ever….” etc. and use only official developers with a proven track record. This tutorial uses the Estuary Skin (Default skin for Kodi Krypton (17)     repo  
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Click File Manager
  • Double Click Add Source
  • Click “None” text window
  • Type EXACTLY:
  • Select OK.
  • Type MrBlamo (or a name you will remember!)
  • Click OK

Installing Repo from Zip File

  • Back out or hit the “Home icon” to go back to your Home Screen
  • Click Add-ons
  • Scroll to Add-on Browser (Open Box)
  • Scroll to Install from zip file
  • Select MrBlamo
  • Click
  • Now wait for “Add-on enabled” message, this normally will appear in the top right corner.
  • Click Install from repository

Installing from Repository

  • Click Blamo
  repo     Rather than scrolling down to Video add-ons as you are used to doing, Click on Add-on repository.     repo   In addition to the Androidbboy repo, you will notice others as indicated in the photo.  Rather than explain how to install the others, just select the one you want and use the same process. Click on Androidbboy to continue.   repo  
  • Wait for the Add-on installed notification.
  • Take note of the Check Mark in front of each repo name indicating it is now enabled.
  • That is an easy way to confirm it is installed and enabled.

repo   Because you have now successfully installed the Androidbboy repo, you must exit and
  • Return to Install from repository.
  • Click Androidbboy.
  • Click Video Add-ons
    repo   Finally! You are now able to install any of the add-ons that are available from Androidbboy.
  • Click Add-on Name
  • Click Install
  • Now wait for “Add-on enabled” message
You can find Add-on in Video Add-ons, My Add-ons, or Add-ons (open box)  

In Conclusion


While we do our best to keep you and our members up to date, we also like to help all those who are new to kodiland, as well as those who are not. You’re never to old to learn something new. I hope you enjoyed this article, please have a look at our other topics at Best-Kodi-Guides.