MegaBox HD APK: Streaming Media Content

MegaBox HD App is a Free streaming app that will bring you some great free Movies and TV Shows. From the latest releases to classics this apps got them all. With MegaBox HD you have the choice to Stream, Download or Cast the content to another device using a custom Player. The app can be downloaded and installed onto any Android device. You can use this app on Android Mobiles, Tablets, Boxes and Amazon Fire TV Boxes or Sticks.  For use on Amazon Fire TV Boxes or Sticks which have stock remotes with very limited functionality you will need to add the Mouse Toggle App. Mouse Toggle app is an Air Mouse App that will help you over come the limitations of the stock AFTV Remote. For a guide on downloading and using The Mouse Toggle App please see here:-


Before You Download The MegaBox HD APK

As The Megabox HD APK is what’s is known as a third-Party App you will need to take a few steps before downloading and installing. When an app comes from a source other than the Google Play Store it is known as a Third-Party app/APK. In order to be able to download these apps onto your android you will first need to do the following:

Go to your Android devices main settings menu

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Security
  • Unknown Sources – Make sure the box beside this is checked

Megabox HD Security

You can now download the MegaBox HD App from here:-

Once You Have Downloaded The MegaBox HD App

Once you have downloaded the MegaBox HD App you will be able to launch the app and immediately start Streaming and Downloading any of the content.      Simply opt for what you would like to Stream or Download by tapping on the picture. You will then get one advertisement popup which you can either close or press the back bottom to  close.

  On the next screen you will see two sections

  • Information – A short program Synopsis, classification and release details of your chosen Movie or TV Show
  • Videos – Links to any available streams in various qualities.   

To Start your Stream just tap on one of the links under the Videos Section. A popup box will then allow you to choose your quality of Stream and if you would like to Play the stream, Download or use a Custom Player to cast the content from one device to another connected device with Casting Capabilities. From a mobile device to a Smart TV for example.

Accessing The Apps Menu

Tap On The Three Lines In The Top Corner – Inside You Will Find

  • Categories of Movies and TV Shows to filter the Media Content
  • Saved Favourites
  • Downloaded Content
  • Watched History

In Conclusion

Megabox HD App is a great all round Streaming App that works well on all Android Devices. It is well maintained and very reliable with good quality Streams. The App is Ad Supported, Meaning that you will get one Ad for each Stream you click on.  Once you have closed this one ad and you Stream begins there will be no interruptions to your viewing of your Stream.  You will be prompted from within the app if there are any app updates required.  Finally, if you have any questions or issues with this app we are available to assist you on our Forum at  Ares Project Forum.