What is MetalliQ ?

MetalliQ, by OpenELEQ, an amazing and useful Add-on which provides available streams from all your installed add-ons in your system. Providing you with Movies, TV Shows, and Music in the best possible quality. MetalliQ also integrates perfectly with your Trakt account, another tool that everyone must have in their Kodi. If you try to run Metalliq on a fresh Kodi installation, it won’t do anything. Metalliq depends on and works very well with many Video Add-ons for content.

How to Install MetalliQ

You can find the MetalliQ Add-on in the NaN (noobsandnerds) Repo.
  • Open the NaN repo from “Install from Repositories”.
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • OpenELEQ Tools and Install.
  • After the install notification appears, return to Install from Repositories.
  • Select Q’s Repository.
  • Video add-ons.
  • Select MetalliQ, a list of Kodi versions will appear, select the same version you have installed.

Configuring MetalliQ

MetalliQ Unlike other Add-ons, Metalliq requires a little bit of post-installation configuration.  After installation, you’ll need to open up its settings by opening the Context menu.
  • Right click your Mouse
  • Press C on the keyboard
  • Select the Button on the remote with 3 lines.
  • Click Configure.
  MetalliQ Select the General Tab and click on TotalSetup.   MetalliQ A prompt will appear asking if you want to remove existing players, Select NO.   MetalliQ You will be returned to the Settings page once again. You will immediately notice a series of Notifications cycling thru in the top right corner. Allow these to finish before proceeding. Should take no more than 20 seconds or so. Click on Configure again to proceed to the next step.  

Enabling Preferred Players

In addition to enabling your preferred players in MetalliQ, you also have the option to select a different player for each player category. One for Movies, another for TV Shows and a third for Music etc. For this article, we will show how to enable all Add-ons for both Movies and TV Shows.   MetalliQ Movies:  As a result of clicking Configure, you will return to the Settings page. Highlight Movies then click on Enable movie players as seen in the example above.   MetalliQ Click YES when Prompted.     MetalliQ TV Shows:  Repeat the same process for TV Shows as you did with Movies. Since adding Players for Music, or Live is done the same, I’ll not be showing those steps here.   MetalliQ

Changing Preferred Player

  MetalliQ If you prefer to enable a single Add-on as the default player, select Preferred movie player. Why would I do that ? For a few reasons, you could have a limited number of Add-ons installed in Kodi and have a favorite you like to use more than others. Or you have a Build installed and instead of enabling all Players, you have one that you like over the others. It’s more personal choice than anything else. No matter why you decided, once selected, a list will be made available in a new window. Simply find your desired Add-on and click to enable.  

TMDb Key Code

  MetalliQ Since you are in the Settings of MetalliQ and you have a TMDb API key code, this is the right time to enter it. Scroll down to Custom, move the cursor to TMDb API and Click. The Keyboard will appear allowing you to enter your code. Since this is one of the few add-ons that enable you to view what you have typed, this will ensure there are no mistakes.  

Playing content with MetalliQ

    MetalliQ   Viewing  Media content can be done by clicking Open. Where you will see the Options listed above. For this article, Movies was selected.   MetalliQ The next screen will offer different categories to choose from as well as picking from TMDb or from Trakt. Popular (TMDb) was my random selection.   MetalliQ Blade Runner 2049 was selected.   MetalliQ If you have not selected a Preferred Player, this configuration is what you will see. I happened to have 12 add-ons and I selected Placenta.     MetalliQ   The photo above is an example of what occurs once you have decided what add-on. This process is no different than doing a search as you normally would when looking for a Movie/TV Show to stream. The difference is the ability to access TMDb and Trakt links much faster and with a better selection of quality both provide.  

 List of Verified Players



Metalliq’s interface is very simple. The main menu has several different options: movies, TV shows, music, TV channels, playlists and enter search string.  If you click any of the first four menus, it will reach out to the TV Movie Database and pull down a list of content. If you have any further questions about this article, please feel free to join us in the Streaming World Forum.