What is a Movie Icon ?

Movie Icon is a general term used to describe the Fan-art of a Movie/TV Show in a Video Add-on. Such as Placenta, Elysium or Death Streams to name a few. Many also call it Thumbnails because it is a small version of a Poster of a Movie/TV Show. All Devs utilize these Icons to give those using their Add-ons a visual aid of what each Movie/TV Show appears as. So you sit down with the Family to watch a movie. But wouldn’t it be nice to just see what movies there are in a larger Icon like you seen in a Poster.¬†Especially for the little ones who can’t read but certainly recognize a Favorite Character of theirs. To be honest even some the “Older Kids” eyesight could use a break from squinting I’m sure,present company included. Here are a few easy steps that will allow you to view a Icon or enable Thumbnail view. For this article a “clean” version of Krypton 17.3 was used with the Estuary Skin. Jarvis 16.1 version was used with the Pulse Build and Xonfluence Skin. Death Streams was the add-on used and to stay consistent, Guardians Of The Galaxy was the Movie.

Where and How to Change Icon size

icon Normally this is what is shown whenever you open a Movies section in most add-ons. I have made a split screen of both Krypton and Jarvis versions of Kodi for all of the following descriptions. This will make it easier for everyone to follow, but more because I’m just to lazy to make another blog.¬† As you can see in both examples, there is no Visual Description of the Movies available. This can be changed by doing the following :
  • Krypton- Moving the Cursor to the far left of the screen (1.) or clicking the options Icon (2.)
  • Jarvis- Same method, moving the cursor or by clicking on the area as indicated by the Arrow above.
icon As a result, you now have a new window with a number of options. While these may appear to be different, they are in fact almost exactly the same. Only the description has been changed. View List is where we want to change the Icon size, the other options are self explanatory. Simply click anywhere in the highlighted area as indicated by the Arrow, until you find the desired Icon you like.

Available Icon Views

icon Both A & B show the most popular and commonly used Icon view “Thumbnail”. This provides a complete view of the Movie/TV Show listings consequently allowing all ages to see and understand what is listed before them. This is very convenient with small children who are unable to read and understand the text. Show them a Photo of their favorite character and they’ll probably tell you what they wish to see. icon Perhaps you would prefer to see a brief description for each Movie/TV Show Icon. Due to the amount movies available to watch, it would be nice to read a bit about the Plot. That can be achieved by selecting View:Low List.

Jarvis Solution

icon Occasionally a Jarvis Build using the Xonfluence skin may not show the Arrow used to access the Icon View list. Rather than leaving it as is, here’s an easy solution :
  1. Select System.
  2. Appearance.
  3. Skin, then Settings.
  4. In General settings (1.), move the cursor to the right and click either up or down arrow until you see Media View settings. (2.)
  5. Enable kiosk mode- click anywhere in the highlighted area to Disable (3.)


Changing the Movie Icon view is a personal choice, why is entirely up to you. But there are many benefits such as those with Visual Disabilities,¬†small children as mentioned earlier. Or maybe the TV set is just located to far away. So, as we have said before, in order to “set” any changes made kodi must be rebooted before proceeding any further. These articles are designed to be more of an instructional tool for those that are new to the Kodi community. Join the Streaming World Forum to discover even more helpful articles and news, it’s free to join.