Music Files in Krypton

Add-ons that have Music/Radio are growing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, sometimes the selections available are not quite everyone’s “cup of tea”. I’m a firm believer that Music makes The World Go Around. But sometimes I just wish I could listen to what makes “My world go around”. We all have a large selection of Music Files these days, so why not make them available to play on your version of Kodi Krypton and Forks of Krypton.


  • A USB flash drive or a External Hard Drive.
  • Access to your personal files (if on a PC or Laptop)
  • Device that has a USB slot or SD Card
  • Download Manager , ES File Explorer as an example.
I happened to use my PC due to it being easier to create the Photos needed for this article. How you decide to move your files will be up to you, use what ever option you feel the most comfortable with. Adding them to Kodi Krypton will remain the same.

Setting up and Installing Music in Krypton

music After opening  Kodi Krypton, select Music. music The next screen you will see Photo A, will prompt you what type of Music ? Please select Files. After selecting File the next page, Photo B, has but one option Add Music. Select to continue.

Adding Your Music Files

music Now while this looks complicated, it really isn’t, just a few clicks is all we need to do here. To prevent any delays, have the source of your Music files connected to the device.
  1. Photo A- Select Browse, Kodi will now search for the location.
  2. Photo B- As I explained earlier, I used my PC  in addition having a portion of my Music collection on a Ext.HD. Consequently it now appears as E:(New Volume), yours may not appear as the same. Select the location and click OK.
  3. Photo C-  A new pop up will appear indicating the contents of the location. As a result of the search E:(My Music/My List) was found. Rather than renaming it, I left mine as Music List, you may call yours anything you wish to. Select OK when done.
  4. Photo D- Confirm the prompt to continue by selecting Yes.
music As soon as you select Yes from Step 4, the install process will begin. Notice the Progress Indicator in the top right corner. If you have more than 1 File in the same location, selecting “Add music” allow you to install at the same time without interruption. Once completed, exit back to the home page and either hover the cursor over Music or click it to see more detail.

Viewing Your Music

music So now that you have your Files installed, to see how the list is arranged, I selected Songs. Above is just a small portion of what I like to listen to. Some of you from Canada may recognize one of the groups listed. Most noteworthy, all songs are listed in alphabetical order.


If your device (Box or Shield) is connected to a Home Theater System and then to your TV, this is another way to wake up the neighb….err… to enjoy your personal Music Files via Kodi. In addition to playing Movies and TV Shows on Kodi, this article has hopefully shown you what else Krypton has to offer. Stay tuned for 1 more Krypton secret to be unveiled soon. A Hint can be found in the Streaming World Forum FAQ Section.