Fire Stick Streaming Options

Welcome back! We are glad you came back to take a look at part ii of Newbie Fire Stick Basics.  Now that we have reviewed the basics we are going to take a look at Fire Stick Streaming options.  The first part of the article focused on Kodi as the medium for viewing content.  However, using Kodi as a primary home media centre is not always the best or easiest option.  Some people find Kodi with it's overwhelming choices or add-ons, repo's and builds just too much to get their heads around.  It has to be sad that to successfully run and use Kodi you do have to be ready to roll your sleeves up and get some hands on experience in Downloading and updating Builds, Addons and Repos.

There are many wonderful people within the Kodi Community who will gladly take the time to guide you through your journey.  You only have to be prepared to learn and be prepared to have your patience tried while doing so.  While some quickly become completely hooked on all things Kodi, For others it is just too much like hard work. Now that we have set you up with what to expect; let's take the time to review the options.

Fire Stick Streaming Options

There are a few alternative options to Kodi/SPMC  you can use on your Amazon Fire TV Device.

Alternatives to Kodi/XBMC


Android Apps or APKs can easily be added to your Fire TV Device with a process known as ‘Side Loading.'  This is the same process you would follow to get Kodi onto your Fire TV Device. It's when you send the App or APK from one device to another on the same local network.  For A Guide on how to do this please see:-

Easy FireTV/Stick Install Guide

FireTV/Stick Easy Kodi Installs

Apps That you Can Add To Your FireTV/Stick Or Box

  • Amazon App Store Have some Free Streaming Apps you may make use of
  • Third- Party Apps/Apks – These are Apps which come from sources other than the official App Stores such as Amazon App Store or Google Play Store

There are many Third- Party Apps freely available for you to make use of. Their are plentiful Free Streaming App that bring you a choice of all the latest Movies and TV Shows or Live TV Streaming  content with Live Sports and TV Channels from all over the world at your disposable.

Below are Guides to some of the Third-Party Streaming Apps which are available to you.  They have been split into two categories to make it easier to make your choice.

1 – Free Streaming Apps containing Movies and TV Shows

2 – Free Streaming Apps containing Live TV and Sports content

It is worth trying a mixture of both to see which Apps suit you and feel most comfortable navigating.


Free Streaming Apps: Movies and Tv


Free Apps Live TV

Final Thoughts

Finally  we took a look at some of the fire stick streaming options besides Kodi.  In conclusion, we want to thank you for taking the time to read this article.  In addition to the Ares Wizard, Ares Forum, and Ares Portal, we want the Ares Blog to be your go to for information.  Therefore if there is ever any questions or areas you want us to focus on please let us know.  We are available on Ares Forum and will take the time to review any matters with you.  While asking for help can be difficult, Ares Project does all we can to make sure all questions are answered and our members feel part of our community.