Rapier Skin Review

The Rapier Skin has been around for quite some time as far as skins go. Developed in Oct/2011 for Eden and now for Krypton by the devs Scarfa & Gade. Current version is 10.5.16. Due to Gade keeping this Skin Add-on up to date, the Rapier Skin is consistently keeping up with all that Kodi has to offer. It’s an Elegant, Clean and easy Skin to use, one of my favorites to review. If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Choose System Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Toggle Unknown Sources
  • A warning pop-up will appear
“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Party add-ons you must agree. We strongly advise against installing headline grabbing “the best add-on ever….” etc. and use only official developers with a proven track record.  

Installing the Rapier Skin

  • System.
  • Interface.
  • Skin, click to open installed Skin Menu.
  • Click Get more…..
  • Scroll down to Rapier.
  • Select to Install.
  • Select Yes when prompted “to allow this change”.
  rapier   After selecting yes, that prompt will disappear leaving you at the Skin Folder located in Interface. Using a Remote, Mouse or Keyboard, to exit hit the Back Button, Right click or hit the ESC key to exit this Screen.  

Rapier Skin Home Page

  rapier   Photo A is the Home Page Screen. The Main Menu listings as you can see, are located along the bottom with the Sub-menu when highlighted appearing slightly above. I’ve made a collage of the Home Page items as the appeared going from left to right. In this group we have:
  • Photo A- Movies: Because this is an initial install, nothing has been added here as well as in TV Shows, which I have skipped. If you would like to find how you can tweak this skin to your preferences, there will be a Link at the end of this review.
  • In Photo B- Add-ons: You may click on Add-ons itself or select one of the Sub-menu as a shortcut, those are Video Add-onsMusic Add-onsPicture Add-onsProgram Add-onsAdd-on BrowserSearch Add-ons.
  • Photo C- Pictures: Same as Movies & TV Shows, at this time nothing was added.
  • Photo D- General: The Sub-menus in General are FavoritesFile ManagerSearch– and Weather. I have enabled Weather just to show you what to expect and it was also the easiest to do lol.
  rapier   In this group:
  • Photo A- System: Once again you may select System and then locate the specific file or just make your pick from the Sub-menu: SettingsSkin SettingsAdd-onsProfileEventsSystem Info.
  • In Photo B- Power: Self explanatory.
  • Photo C– You’ll notice that I highlighted a section here from the Add-on Menu. This is a shortcut to the Video Add-ons installed in your Kodi. I have moved the cursor over Placenta to show you that the Background Image now has Placenta’s fanart. Clicking the Add-on of choice will Openthat Add-on.
  • Photo D– Same type of Shortcut list but this is for your Music Add-on’s.
  • You will find more of these “shortcuts” found thru out the Rapier Skin.

Program Add-ons

  rapier Just an example what to expect when selecting Program Add-ons in the Sub-menu for Add-ons.          

File Manager

  rapier   You can Access File manager from the Sub-menu in General Settings :
  • Photo A– Select Add Source.
  • Photo B– Click on None, this will require a double Click/Tap to open.
  rapier   In the next Screen, enter the URL. When you’re happy with the spelling, select Done.  Most noteworthy, 99% of the issues that occur here are due to the URL being misspelled. This includes leaving out (accidentally) Symbols such as . or / or what many do is this Http: This why you are always reminded to “type this exactly”. Repeat when asked to Enter a name.  

Installing from Repository

  rapier   From the Home page, select Add-ons, in the Sub-menu click Add-on Browser. Then click Install from repository to continue.   rapier   The Magic Dragon Add-on was randomly selected from the Maverick TV Repo by
  1. After clicking Install from repository, select the Repository to use and Click to open.
  2. Once opened, scroll down to Video Add-ons and click.
  3. Locate the Add-on and as shown in the Photo, select Install to continue.
  rapier   In the lower area of the Photo you will notice that the Add-on The Magic Dragon is installed and Enabled for use. In addition, if any Dependencies are required, when installed successfully, a Notification Confirmation will be seen at the top of the screen as indicated by the Red Arrow.  

Search Shortcut

  rapier   Found this completely by accident. I have discovered when researching these Skins for a review to always hover the cursor over or click anything that looks out of place. The Kodi Logo just didn’t look like it was there for show. So, I clicked on it and low and behold a new Search Menu appeared! Like I said early on in the review, there are shortcuts everywhere. For those who are interested in configuring this Skin to your preferences, please select this Link.  

Views & View Options

  rapier   The next group of Photos are from within the Video Add-on folder. These are an example of the 4 Views available.
  • List in the top photo is the Default View for Rapier Skin. To open, click on View:List and from the pull down menu make your selection from the list provided.
  • Icon View is shown in the lower photo.
  rapier   The next two (2) examples are Top: List Info and Bottom: Wrap Info. The choice is yours. Since it’s so easy to change, keep what looks pleasing to you or return and try another.  

View Options

  rapier   I’ve only made two examples here because there’s just too many different possibilities to show you. Top Photo is still in Video Add-ons and the example I showed is Big Fanart and Normal. Whereas the Lower Photo is taken from within the Add-on Neptune Rising. The View Option there is the Expanded View. Experiment, try a few and keep what you like.  

Player Settings

  rapier For this review, I selected the Movie File Avatar, from the 4K Section found in Supremacy. Once again we’re going to show you what the Icons other than the Stop, Pause/Play etc., those are standard and self explanatory. The Icons shown to the left are as follows:
  1. Exit. – Odd place to have the exit button, be careful with it.
  2. Information.
  3. Now Playing. – Another strange icon, click this icon to see what you are watching ? Not going to answer that question.
  4. Bookmark.
  5. Subtitle Download.
  6. Audio & Subtitle Settings.
  7. Video Settings.


rapier   General information– came up empty, so I did not take a screenshot. It may for another file. Technical information– (see next photo) those who have been following my reviews will know what this is. Nice to see it included. For those who are first time readers, please see the next Photo for more information. Debug information– I’ve not spoken about this option as it’s mentioned in the links about Codec. This can only be shown in Krypton and using a Keyboard by selecting CTRL + Shift + O keys. To remove, repeat the key sequence.   rapier   Ahhh !, My Go To Option when I first start a Movie. Instead of hitting the O Key on my Keyboard, with the rapier Skin it’s available when Technical Information is selected as shown in the previous photo. Take note of the information shown, it does in fact confirm what was “advertised” in the metadata of the Movie file. However, this really isn’t a true 4K Movie File. At best it’s an Upscaled 1080p stream. For more information on Video Codec and H.264 v H.265, just click for the link.  


rapier   So correct me if I’m wrong here, but if I’m watching a movie, I can clearly see it’s Avatar. And when I select the Now Playing-Videos Icon, it will open a new window and show me that I indeed watching the Movie File Avatar ! ? Reminds me of a time when I was hospitalized for an Operation. The night Nurse woke me up at Midnight to see if I needed something to help me Sleep. Ok all kidding aside, I believe this is for anyone who is using Kodi Media as a DVD player or playing any saved Music or Video Files. To return to the Movie, select Back button on Remote, Right Click on Mouse or hit ESC on Keyboard.  


rapier   Need to stop for an extended amount of time? Create a Bookmark. Start the movie File from where you left off at a later time.  


rapier   You must have a Subtitle Service Enabled prior to downloading a subtitle for a Movie or TV Show. Click Here to find out how. The Movie File will automatically pause, a list will be shown, and you may make your selection. I have not seen many Subtitles for “4K” streams.  Therefore, it’s always best to pick the closest match no matter what type of Stream you are viewing.  


rapier   Select either Icon to tweak the Audio or Video settings of the Stream being viewed. Photo A also lets you enable/disable Soft Coded Subtitles. Hard Coded are embedded in the stream code (Chinese or Korean subtitles) and are impossible to disable.  

In Conclusion


Here’s another keeper for me. Very easy to get around within the skin, lots of “shortcuts” to the file folders we all use the most is a plus. While the background images may seem a bit plain to some, adding some of your own or installing some of the options available will change that. If you have any questions or concerns about the Rapier Skin or any thing else for that matter, come join the Stream World Forum. It’s free to !