Out of Sync Audio Solution in Krypton

The Family have gathered round to view a Movie, snacks are at the ready, beverages are poured and everyone have settled into their favorite place to watch. The ok is given by all, you press Play and then someone speaks….. but wait ! Something’s wrong, their lips are moving but the Audio is not in Sync with their lips! Now everyone turns their attention to you with that look of death on their faces ! Have no fear, here’s a fix to make you look like the Star you really are.

Common causes of Out of Sync Audio

  • Poor WiFi Connection or WiFi drop outs. Rebooting your Router then Device may help.
  • The Server with the stream may be busy. Try another link or Add-on.
If none of the above provide any help, follow the next set of steps. While the Movie is playing, select the Speaker Icon located in the bottom right corner. sync audio A new window will appear, selecting Audio offset will now take you to the next step.

Adjusting Audio Offset

sync audio An “incremented slide” will appear at the top of your screen. This is where some experimenting will come into play. If the Audio is behind, then move the slide to the Right slightly, to speed up the sync. 0.500 at a time seems to be a number that works well. Moving it to the Left will be required if the Sync is faster than what the characters appear to be saying. Knowing approximately how fast ahead or behind the actual speech is will help you determine how much to add or subtract. This may take a few attempts to complete so be patient, but it is an easy solution to complete.   sync audio Once you are happy with the results, click on “Set as default for all media”. If you find this is an issue with most of the movies you try, then enable that option. Normally this only occurs occasionally so I don’t think it’s necessary, but again this is a personal choice. A bonus solution found here is the Enable or Disable Subtitles (Red Arrow) as well as the Subtitle Offset, which does exactly same for text as it does for the Audio of a movie. sync audio Once you’re happy with the results, select Close to exit and  return to the Movie.


Out of Sync Audio when it occurs can be troubling to even a seasoned user of Kodi. Rather than make a complicated “How To” explanation, a simple Photo walk thru can explain the instructions much easier. In addition to this method being used for Krypton, it will be Identical in Jarvis versions of Kodi as well. Streaming World Forum has a dedicated FAQ section made for those who are new to Kodi and a even a few ideas for those that are “veterans” to kodi. Being a member of the Forum has many benefits that include getting expert support from our helpful staff without the worry of being bullied or swamped with iptv sellers. We like to provide a safe and pleasant experience for all our members.