Save Option and its Benefits

Ares Wizard Team have now perfected the save option to save settings and favorites you have installed in Kodi/SPMC Media.  Most noteworthy is it works well in any situation and it doesn’t matter if you are installing a new build or doing a fresh start.  Now you are able to keep all your Favorites, Sources, and Account Settings.

So what does this mean for you right?  Well many Kodi users have started to employ Real Debrid,, Metalliq, TMDB API code, etc. and this tool will save you a ton of time.  Now you will no longer have to feel held hostage by your build because it is easier than ever to keep all those accounts you’ve spent time authorizing.   In addition you can jump from build to build finding the build made for you.  What a relief right?  For many users, new and old, this truly is a relief.  Due to this we suggest you try as many builds as you want and get comfortable with them.

When and Where Will Save Option Appear ?

Almost immediately after choosing fresh start the Save Option will appear and this is where the magic begins.  It is especially relevant to note this will only occur if you do the fresh start inside Ares Wizard.  Consequently, if you use any other wizard or method to do a fresh start this will not work for you.  However, you can choose to do the fresh start either in your favorite build’s section or through the more tab in Ares Wizard.  After the dialog box pops up on the screen; you will see there are three choices available for you. You may select all Three (3) (recommended) or only One (1) or Two (2) that you feel is best for your needs or none at all.

Next you want to Select Proceed to enable the next step to begin.  Below you will see an image depicting the options and we will break them down for you.

What should I use and Why?

save option

Option A. Keep My Favorites.

  • You saved a Movie you found but did not have time to watch the entire movie. Or perhaps a Kids Movie/TV Show for your Children to your favorites and don’t want to lose them!  Select “keep my favorites” to enable that option.  This is a lifesaver for many trust me!

Option B. Keep My sources.

  • All Sources entered by you via the File Manager will be saved.  Even the ones not being utilized in a Build.

Option C. Keep My Add-on Settings (This is my Favorite option of the 3)

  • Those of you that have a Real Debrid Account or a Trakt Account know how much of a job it is.  Re-Authorizing Real Debrid in Covenant, Elysium, etc. will now be entered automatically.  One of the biggest time saver is keeping the Scraper List and other settings in the Death Streams Add-on (the New S.AL.T.S. Fork).
If you have never tried the Death Streams Kodi Add-on, please use this Configuration.  Knowing all your add-ons and account information will be saved is not only convenient, it is also a time saver.

In Conclusion

Finally, we hope you found this article informative and would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article.  The goal of the Ares Project is not only to enhance your viewing experience; but also to enhance the seamless transitions inside Kodi.

Ares Wizard Save Option will make the transition from updating a Build or installing a new Build much easier.  Knowing your Account info as well as Favorites are intact is a time saver.  In addition, we hopefully took away the anxiety you might have with regards to tackling some of these obstacles on your own.  If you have any further questions please join us in the Streaming World Forum.