Setup/Enable Real Debrid in Krypton

Due to the increase in popularity of Real Debrid Accounts, more and more Developers are coding their Add-ons to Enable this feature. But what is Real Debrid and what can it do for me you ask? Well I would suggest you read this excellent blog on the topic, it changed my mind after reading it. Click here.  If you are interested in acquiring an account, please use this link for Real Debrid. It's recommended to establish an account prior to continuing.

Where to start ?

There are many Blogs and articles on the Internet about how to enable RD, but for a change this one will be about how to Enable RD in Krypton 18, Leia. While still in Alpha build, there are some interesting new features to view. But I would recommend waiting until Leia has been released in Beta before installing and trying to use. This was installed on a PC, W/10 for the ease of creating the screenshots needed. So lets begin : enable After opening Kodi Krypton 17 / Leia 18, select the Cog Icon located at the top left corner of the Home page. enable While this page may look the same as the Krypton series of Kodi, there is a slight difference with Leia as you can see in the Photo. So to continue, find and select System.

The Setup

enable For the initial setup, there are a few steps to take before proceeding :
  1. In the bottom left corner, the “Mode” will/may be set to Standard, to change to Expert, scroll down and click in the area indicated (1.) above.
  2. Select Add-ons. (2.)
  3. Move the cursor to the right and if Unknown sources has not been enabled previously, click to change. A new window will appear confirming the change, select YES. (3.)
  4. Click on Manage dependencies for the next step. (4.)
enable Next page will show the Dependencies, scroll down to the bottom and select URL Resolver. enable Your next step will be selecting Configure to enable Real Debrid.    

Now to Enable

enable These next steps will show you how to Enable Real Debrid in Kodi Krypton/Leia.
  1. After selecting Configure, move the Cursor over Universal Resolvers as indicated by #1.
  2. At this point you will need to find “Real-Debrid”. Scroll down to almost the bottom and when found, click on Priority to change the number shown from 100 to 90.
enable A numerical keypad will appear. To change the number, do the following :
  1. Click on Backspace 3 times to remove 100. (1.)
  2. To enter the the number 90, use the cursor and click on 9 + 0. (2.)
  3. Click on Done to complete the process. (3.)
  4. As a result of selecting Done, you will return to the previous page. You must click OK  to continue, failure to do so will result in all the work done to this point as Incomplete. The process will then have to be repeated again.
enable Consequently, after selecting OK, you will be back at the Configure Add-on page. To continue, simply select Configure one more time. Return to the Universal Resolvers portion and scroll down to (Re)Authorize My Account and click. Take note that the number shown in Priority is now showing 90. If you do not see this number, repeat the previous steps and remember to click on OK.

The Confirmation

enable So, after selecting ReAuthorize My Account, a window will appear showing you a Seven (7) Digit Code that must be entered in the url address provided. It's most noteworthy to have an account with Real Debrid prior to beginning the Enable process. If you have not done so, click here to open an account. Fees will apply. Hint : Have the link to enter the code ready to go before continuing. There is a time limit and once this reaches 0, you must start again. You can have the link entered on your Mobile Phone, PC, Laptop,Tablet or any device that allows you access to the internet. enable The Photo above is the Real Debrid device confirmation page. Simply enter the Seven (7) digit code provided and select Continue. The process is almost instantaneous, so don't blink ! enable Finally, a Confirmation Notification will appear in the top right corner. Congratulations, Real Debrid is now enabled in Kodi Krypton/Leia.

In Conclusion

Now that you have Real Debrid set and enabled in Kodi, your next step is to enable RD in the Add-ons of your choice. For more information on what Add-ons use Real Debrid, please click this link.  For more information on many other topics, please join us in the Ares-Project Forum.

Disclaimer : We urge users to check locally applicable laws with regard to use of Kodi 3rd party add-ons and the content provided. Any advice provided by mods or admins is done so research, education or viability purposes only. We do not encourage nor condone piracy in any way shape or form. You use the advice given solely at your own risk.