Silent Hunter movie add on has a lot of great content and the most honest category of new releases I've ever seen “Crap Copies” – well it made me laugh anyway! There is a pretty long list of 3D movies and all the ones I looked at were HD too, so for that reason alone I'd have this add-on. However, on top of this, there's a raft of other HD content, a stand up secton (which looks new), Kids, a specific Grand Tour section and a Christmas section too, just in time for December festivities. The 4K content here is much the same as all the Kodi addons – its upscaled HD and not true 4K (the files and bandwidth needed are huge and its not in the realm of free providers like Silent Hunter at this time) Silent Hunter Updated, the Current version of this addon is 1.2.2, 27th Jan 2017

There is a list of repo's for all add ons we blog (and some we havent yet!) and an install guide; install any kodi repo

This add on is “unofficial” and therefore not supported by Kodi Tv or XMBC foundations, please do not ask on their forums for help, go to for further support. 

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Silent Hunter Kodi Add on

We will need to install the silent hunter repo first then grab the video add on itself.

  • Click File Manager

  • Double Click Add source

  • Type EXACTLY
  • Click Done
  • Name the source Silent Hunter
  • Click OK
  • Click Home or backout to the homescreen
  • Click System

  • Click Add ons

  • Click Install from zip

  • Click silenthunter source or whatever you called it earlier

  • Click

  • Wait for “Add-on enabled” message

  • Click Install from repository

  • Click Video Add ons

  • Click Silent Hunter

  • Click Install

  • Wait for “Add-on enabled”

Thats it, you can open the add on from here, or via the Video node on the main menu.

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are neither connected to, nor in any way affiliated with  the Kodi brand, nor the XBMC Foundation. Do not ask about this addon on their forums or via social media, for help, go to