Titan Beta Skin

  The Titan Beta Skin is the latest edition to our Skin Review, it is both Mouse, Remote and Keyboard friendly. The Titan Beta Skin for Kodi Krypton by marcelvelot & mgonzales is one of Four (4) skins developed for Kodi. The others are Titan, Titan for Jarvis and Titan for Leia. (Kodi 18) If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.
  • Click Settings (cog)
  • Choose System Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Toggle Unknown Sources
  • A warning pop-up will appear
“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Party add-ons you must agree.  We strongly advise against installing headline grabbing “the best add-on ever….” etc. and use only official developers with a proven track record.

Installing Titan Beta Skin

  • System.
  • Interface.
  • Skin, click to open installed Skin Menu.
  • Click Get more…..
  • Scroll down to Titan Beta Skin for Kodi Krypton.
  • Select to Install.
  titan Once the Skin Add-on is installed, there will be a prompt asking you if you wish to keep this change. Select Yes.   titan   The next screen to appear is the Settings Skin. When ready to exit: Right click on the Mouse, hit the Back Button on Remote or hit ESC key On keyboard to open the Main Menu Screen.  

Titan Main Menu Screen

  titan   A very Simple Layout, easy to read and access. As shown with Music, once selected, a new Sub-Menu will appear at the bottom. Library and Music add-ons. Click to open. YouTubePictures and Videos are the only menu options that have no Sub-Menu available. Once selected, you will be taken directly to that folder.   VIDEOS:   titan   After selecting Videos, a new page will open offering you Three (3) options. Files, Playlists and Add-ons. The following photo has been condensed to save time and space.   titan Top Left photo is the Screen that will open after selecting  Videos. The other three are an example of what each option has inside.     titan When selecting YouTube, you will be taken to the Set up page initially.  

Add-on Browser

  titan As a result of selecting Add-on browser, the sub-menu will appear at the bottom. ProgramsVideo add-onsMusic add-onsPicture add-ons.   titan Above is a representation of what you will see as you open each option.  


  titan   To Access Settings, simply Click.   titan Moving Clockwise starting from the top left:
  • Skin Settings– Where you can change Backgrounds, Configure shortcuts, General Skin settings, etc.
  • Settings– Access to Skin Settings, Interface, System, Add-ons, etc.
  • File Manager– Adding a URL file, or viewing Profile directory.
  • Events– View what has occurred in Kodi since you opened the current session.

File Manager

  titan   Open File manager from Settings on the Main Menu. Select Add source.   titan   In the next screen, select None to continue.     titan   Enter the URL, when completed, select OK. Repeat the same process when asked to enter a name.  

Power Options

  titan   The Power Icon is always on the bottom of the Main menu. To Access the options available, move the cursor down and hover over the Icon. The above screen indicates what will be shown, Moving from left to Right:
  1. Settings– just another way to get to the Settings menu.
  2. Exit– click here and Kodi will now power down.
  3. Power Off System– one to be careful with as this will power down the device. Not fun if using a PC/Laptop and wanted to remain on.
  4. Reboot– Not tested, but I’ll assume it’s for the device as opposed to Kodi itself. (will test it later and update here)

Installing from a Repository

  titan To Access Install from repository:
  • Select Settings in Main Menu.
  • Select Settings found in the Sub-menu.
  • Locate Add-ons and click.
  • Install from repository as shown in the above photo will then appear. Select to continue.
titan   The Repository selected for this review was Androidbboy. The Add-on as shown above is Overwatch. To access the Add-ons, after opening the Repo, scroll down to Video Add-ons to gain access to the list available.   titan As a result, after the new screen opens, Select Install to continue.   titan   Because the add-on needs to install a few dependencies, a notification will be seen in the top left corner as each is installed. Exactly like the notification of the successful install as shown above.  

Using the Media Player and Settings

  titan   As done in previous reviews, The Add-on selected is Placenta and the Media File is Thor: Ragnarok. This is the default setting used for views. If you wish to change it, move the cursor to the far left with a Mouse / Remote or hit the Left Arrow Directional key on a keyboard. Repeat clicking on Views to change to the version you prefer.   titan Once a movie starts, I always hit the O Key on my keyboard out of habit. Some may ask why bother? Well it’s easy to Label a Movie file with whatever information you want in the description as shown in the previous photo. But there is also Information listed in the provider and these can be a bit deceiving at times as well. But you can’t alter what is encoded in the Stream itself. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to these two links Here, and Here.   titan   Due to the first group of controls being the standard found on all media players, I’ll move to the highlighted group of Five (5) :
  • Bookmarks.
  • Audio and Subtitle Settings.
  • Video Settings.
  • Search for Subtitle. (Service must be enabled in kodi, Find out how by selecting this Link.
  • Information.
    titan Bookmarks   titan   Clockwise from top left:
  • Audio and Subtitle Settings– If you have enabled Subtitles, the “on” Switch will read as Green.
  • Video Settings– Zoom, Brightness, Contrast etc. Scroll down for more options.
  • Subtitles– As shown, A Subtitle Service must be enabled to use.
  • Information– I get more when selecting the O key, about the only “con” with this skin.

In Conclusion

Here’s another Skin that I really enjoyed reviewing. No frills yet powerful enough to get the job done, easy to use, no surprises. Give it a try and let us know by joining the Streaming World Forum.