Unusual Tips for Kodi Krypton/Jarvis

There have been many Tips on how to improve Kodi Krypton or Jarvis. However sometimes we come across an issue or a setting that some of you have never seen or heard before. In this article we will be looking at three settings; GUI Sounds- Kodi Version Notification- Logging Debug.

GUI Sounds Tip

We have all heard it, that annoying “Shurlshing” sound every time you move from one screen to another while using Krypton 17. Here’s a quick fix to either eliminate it or at least minimize it’s use. tips Open Krypton 17 and select the “COG” icon located at the top in the middle. If you are using a build, select System, then System again. In the next screen as shown above in system settings, highlight  Audio, red arrow#1. Move the cursor down to Play GUI sounds, and click. Red arrow #2. tips In the next pop up screen there will be 3 options to choose from. Self descriptive, select the one that will suit your needs.
  • Select None. The GUI sounds will no longer be audible when you navigate through the Kodi interface.
  • Click Only when playback stopped. This is the preferred and most popular setting. However, if you have downloaded a different sound profile but only want them to play when there is no content like music from your library playing then select the Play GUI sounds section. This can be done on the previous page.
  • Always. You will be taken back to the previous screen once your selection is made, that’s it, all done. Exit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Kodi Version Notification Tips

This is the most annoying Notification that I have seen and is always the first one that I disable after any new installation of Kodi Krypton and Jarvis. As a beginner to Kodi trying to understand how to use it and where to go can be challenging at best. Should I press this? what happens if I don’t? What is this notification on my screen? tips KRYPTON The following steps can be used in a “clean” version of Krypton or if a Build is installed with Xonfluence Skin.
  1. Select System.
  2. Click on Add-ons.
  3. Select My Add-ons.
  4. Scroll down to Services.
  5. Find Version Check and click.
  6. Select Configuration.
  7. First option listed is Enable Kodi Version Check?
  8. Click anywhere along there to disable, then click OK to exit.
tips   JARVIS Same method as Krypton except after Step 5. Consequently rather than selecting configuration, just click on Version Check. As Shown in the Photo above. Click the X located in the top right corner when done to exit.      

Disable Debug Logging in Krypton/Jarvis

You have opened your Kodi / SPMC and you see all these figures and letters across the top left of your screen? And THEY’RE CHANGING ! Is my Kodi/SPMC Broken? No this is not a scene from “Mission Impossible”, your Kodi/SPMC isn’t about to explode. It is annoying to say the least but we have the Tip to fix it for you : tips JARVIS Open Kodi Jarvis and select System then select System again.
  1. Make sure you are in “Expert” or “Advanced” mode ,either one is fine. If not, simply click on the level until it changes.
  2. Move the cursor up to “Logging” so it’s highlighted as shown above.
  3.  Move the cursor over to “Enable debug logging” and click while hovering over it.
  4. Mission Completed !
  • To Disable the Debug Logging in Krypton 17, please do the following :
  • After opening Kodi Krypton, select the “Cog Icon” as shown in Photo A. above
  •  Select System settings as shown in Photo B.
  1.  Scroll down to Logging (red Arrow 1.) and hover there to highlight.
  2.  Move the Cursor up to Enable debug logging (Red Arrow 2.) Click anywhere in that area to disable or to enable if needed.


Creating these Tips were designed for the new comers to the Kodi Community. Consequently, some who have been using Kodi for some time but may benefit as well if  they never seen these issues. As a result, there is nothing more frustrating or confusing than seeing something you’ve never encountered before. Where does one turn to for help and information?

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