Using TMDb / Alluc Codes Together

Before explaining how to link your TMDb api code with Alluc code, why does anyone need the code ? When the Add-on Elysium became the “go to” add-on as an alternative to Covenant, the Devs added the api Code. Consequently TMDb began cancelling each new api code generated by the Developers as it was viewed as “abuse of the code”.  As a result the Developers spent more time generating a new code instead of improving the add-on itself. The Solution was to allow each user to generate their own personal IMDb Api code and enter it themselves.

Generating your own TMDb Code

While other groups were providing a solution, Ares Project Forum had taken it a step further by providing a Blog that gave a more detailed method that others had missed. In addition to generating a TMDb code, you will also need a Alluc code. This can be found by following this link.

Add-ons Currently Utilizing both Codes

tmdb The above list will be updated as each new Add-on allows the use of either/both Codes.    

Adding Codes in Elysium

imdb Elysium requires a bit more work but it is really quite easy.
  1.  Open Elysium, select Tools.
  2.  Settings-Accounts.
  3.  Enable Alluc Sources (click anywhere in that area)
  4. Enter the User Name you used when you joined
  5.  Enter Password you used when you joined
  6.  Enable Alluc Debrid Sources , Skip this step if you do not have a Real Debrid Account(click anywhere in that area)
  7.  Enter the TMDB API Code (key) you generated.
  8. Select OK before exiting, failure to do so will not set the new changes. You will have to repeat all steps.

Adding Codes in Death Streams

imdb If you haven't noticed, S.A.L.T.S. is now a Fork and it's called Death Streams. Follow this Link on how to optimize the settings.
  1.  Open the Add-on.
  2.  Select Settings.
  3.  Select Add-on settings.
  4. Scroll to the right to Scrapers 1.
  5. Enable, if not already done, Enabled.
  6.  Enter both the Username and Password you used to join that site.
  7.  Select OK before exiting.

Adding Codes in Rebirth

imdb Rebirth is a new Fork of Exodus, can be found in the Cyberlocker repository. Follow this link for more information.
  1. Open the Add-on and select Tools.
  2. Select Providers.
  3. Select NanScraper Settings. If you have a Real Debrid Account, click to enable it. See A above.
  4. Scroll down to Scrapers 1, See B above.
  5. Click on Enabled.
  6. Enter your Username and Password.
  7. Click OK to set the changes when exiting.


In conclusion, more Add-ons will be using the API Code/Key in the near future, knowing how to accomplish this now will make it much easier for you when these do happen. Due to different scrapers used in each Add-ons, your results may vary. All testing and research was conducted on a PC with both Krypton 17.4 and Jarvis 16.1. In addition, testing was also done on a Nvidea Shield using a SPMC 17.4 Fork, Krypton 17.5.1 and NODI Krypton fork. These produced positive results as well. Finally, this article is meant to be used as a guide. Your results will produce different results, ensuring your add-ons are up to date will help. If you have any questions concerning this topic or any others, join us in Ares Project Forum. It's Free to Join and our knowledgeable staff are always available to help.