As more and more unofficial sources to download all the most popular Third-Party Apps and Addons are popping up daily from unknown and unheard of sites and sources. You have to question why supplying the Links or APKs to the most sought after Free Streaming Apps and Addons is such a popular pastime. After all as I have already stated they are all ‘Free’ Apps and Addons for any and all members of the general Public that wishes to Download and make use of.

How Are The Costs For These Great Free Streaming Apps Covered?

The only revenue that the third-Party App Developers actually get from their Apps is with the help of their Apps being Ad Supported to cover the costs of the Servers and for the Apps ongoing development and maintenance.  This is achieved by the Ad Supported Apps having one Pop-up Ad Appear before the start of each Movie or TV Show Stream. This Ad is easily closed and the Free Stream to your chosen TV Show or Movie will then begin and play uninterrupted from beginning to end. Compare that to normal amount of ads we would be dealing with if we where watching a Movie or TV Show on Sky, Cable or similar home Network TV. Even a 30 minute TV has an advertisement break midway.

Surely The Apps Developers Are Making Major Profits?

Now I am well aware that there is this glamorous notion that any Ad Supported App is making it’s Developer a fortune. I am here to tell you. You honestly couldn’t be more wrong. As the Ads within the Apps are so few and the Apps Users more often than not will simply close the Ads and are under no obligation to click on the ad and visit the link to the advertisers Page for which the Apps Developer would get a small reward you can already imagine how little the Advertisers are ever likely to have to pay out. I am lucky enough to be able to call quite a few App Developers friends and can assure you that there isn’t one getting rich quick.  They all have normal Full-Time Jobs the revenue made by their Apps wouldn’t even be enough to pay them a basic wage. The apps are hobbies and they pour their spare time into developing them. For the Streaming Apps especially where a more expensive server or servers are needed the running costs can actually be staggering. Which why the latest trend of demanding Free and Ad Free Apps completely baffles me. If there is NO REVENUE to cover costs for the Apps then it only stands to reason that the Apps we all make full use of daily just can’t possibly be kept going. So there will soon be NO APP . We can’t honestly expect the Developers of these Apps to put the Hard work, Knowledge and countless hours of their spare time into developing and maintaining these apps and then to then also have to use their own hard earned wages pay the Costs needed to keep the Apps in working.

We Are now learning the hard way that these so called ad free versions are not all they seem

With the recent increase of posts throughout Facebook Kodi groups asking about the sudden over the top amount of popup ads appearing on devices I decided to test a few well known apps for myself to see how bad things had gotten. Below is the results of 8 random “Ad Free” Versions of the popular apps Pretty scary results there. Especially knowing that most everyday users will not scan an app for any hidden nasty’s before downloading it onto their devices. I always recommend that when dealing with third party apps you run Malwarebytes as protection. For information on this please see – This is one of  many great tools at your disposal.

A few too many popup ads are sadly not the worst that we have to worry about.

As the above Tweet from the Inside_4ndroid team regarding their new Live Lounge App which was being used under the guise of an ad free version from an unknown and untrusted source to employ a very nasty version malware which attempted to steal your personal details including your bank details without your knowledge.

In Conclusion

It is worth remembering that a lot of users are downloading these apps onto their primary devices. These devices are the devices they use everyday and contain all their personal account details including financial and bank account details. For this reason you can really never be to safe. Remember folks, as my Dad always said “There is NO such thing as a free lunch” If it looks too good to be true it normally is. Don’t let yourself become just another statistic.  As always if you have any concerns about any of these issues or any other issues we are more than happy to assist you via our forum at