Xonfluence: Changing Main Menu Text Color

The other day I was on the Ares Forum discussing changing main menu text colors in Xonfluence skin.  This gave me the idea that others many have similar questions.  For those of you who are not familiar the Xonfluence skin is a modded version of the Confluence skin.  This was the primary skin on Kodi for Jarvis and Isengard.  I have to admit Helly did some great work with Xonfluence and it has some excellent mods.

If you are not familiar you can download Xonfluence from GitHub by clicking here.  For this tutorial we are going to use the IncludesMainMenu.xml file and learn how to change the color and font for the Main Menu items inside Xonfluence skin.  If you missed the first tutorial on changing the position of the main menu please feel free to take a look at the following article: http://www.best-kodi-guides.eu/kodi-technical/skinning-moving-menu-bar/.

For this we are going to want to use a text editor, I am a big fan of Notepad++.  However, you can use any text editor you would like such as Sublime, Atom, etc..  If you need to download Notepad++ click here to download.  Once you have Notepad++ installed we are ready to go edit to change the color of the main menu items.

IncludesMainMenu.xml in Xonfluence Folder

First off, we need to navigate to open the right xml file to make these changes.  As I mentioned above we are going to have to use the IncludesMainMenu.xml file for this exercise.  To find the IncludesMainMenu.xml file follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the Kodi Home folder on your system
  • Click addons
  • Scroll down to skin.xonfluence
  • Select 720p folder
  • Click IncludesMainMenu.xml

If you haven’t defaulted xml’s to open with your text editor you may be asked how you want to open the file.  Once you have opened the xml file you are going to want to locate three different line items.

Line 136 Change

Changing the color on Line 136 will change all of the text on the Main Menu (with the exception of the focused text).  For example if you change Line 136 from:

<textcolor>grey3</textcolor> to <textcolor>red</textcolor> this is going to change the text color from grey to red on all items but the one you have highlighted.  Let’s make one more change and then we will look at what we did.

xonfluence line 136

Line 162 Change

Next let’s take a look at line 162 in IncludesMainMenu.xml.  This is also set for <textcolor>grey3</textcolor> as a default.  Now this is going to control the color of the focus item when you are not on the main menu.  Let’s take a look at an example so we are all on the same page and imagine we scroll to Movies on Main Menu.  After you decide you want to select a sub-menu item and press the down key on your remote or keyboard.

At this time, Line 162 is going to change the color of Movies to whatever it is set to.  For arguments sake we will change the color to <textcolor>blue</textcolor> and then hit save.  When we refresh our skin the Main Menu will look the same and appear as if you didn’t do anything.  When you drop down to the sub-menu in the Movies section you will see Movies is no longer grey and is now white.

xonfluence 162

Now let’s take a look at two of the changes we made so far.  Remember we should see red for all but the focused text on the main menu and blue for the focused text. xonfluence menu new colors

Line 175 Change

Finally we get to line 175  to change in the Xonfluence Skin.  This is the line where we change the color of the focus text on the Main Menu.  Right now you will see this looks a little different than the other two we looked at as this one is written as <textcolor>$VAR[MainColorOne]</textcolor>.  Using VAR as a variable allows you to pull in controls you have set up previously that can handle more than one defining value.  For example if MainColorOne was defined to be bold and to have the color blue it would be able to pull both conditions in.

Xonfluence Line 175

As you can see when you aren’t on the main menu with your cursor the text becomes white.

white text


As always we hope you found this informative and helpful.  We try to offer a little bit of everything on the Ares Forum and on Ares Blog.  If there is something you want to learn about inside Xonfluence or any other skin please feel free to let us know.  We are always available on Ares Forum and it is our premiere place to get some assistance.  Stay Tuned as there is always something new brewing in the background.