You may have already heard that there has been a sustained DDOS attack on some of Ares Project hosting. This has become so much of a problem for the host, that they have no suspended  a number of servers until further notice. We have no timeline to get these back.

 Do Not Delete Ares Wizard

Therefore you should not delete Ares Wizard if its working currently – you cannot install this from scratch at this time. The “additional files” it pulls after the initial install are no longer available. We are working to bring up another server to restore new installs of Ares Wizard and stabilise things. It might “appear” to install – but it will not – the install is a two-stage process and the second stage will not complete and you will simply get “check log” errors.

Builds Giving 503 Error etc

There are some builds e.g. Pulse and all Ares Builds that are currently unavailable until further notice. Due to the high data usage we are finding it hard to find new servers that can handle the data required, in excess of 200TB pm. There are over 1000 builds listed on Ares Wizard – there are LOTS to choose from, try some, don’t ask us or “whats best” there are no right answers. The builds are listed in “all time downloads” order – so newer ones might be further down, whilst some that have been popular for a while will be closer to the top. Explore, or go outside and do something else 🙂

Ares Repository

The url you put into the file manager is simply an easy way to download the zip. Once the repo zip has installed it is no longer used or of use. It has no effect on the repo itself, that is hosted elsewhere. Therefore the Ares Repository is fine and many of the Ares add-ons are fine, being as they’re YouTube based and require no additional servers from us. We have noted that some IP’s are listing with hundreds of installs – you will be banned and a daily scan will be made to ban ridiculous offenders.

Ares Hosted Add-ons

These too maybe problematic, these include Pyramid, DC Sports, Motor Replays, Wrestling On Demand, Planet MMA as they rely on additional servers (which are down) to work. You can install them and you may have success if you are persistent. We make no promises. We will look to fix this as a priority.

Ares Portal (APK installer)

This is down too, in that you cannot install anything at present. The site is up and functioning and you can make selections and get the install codes – however, the server hosting the files for downloads is currently one of those suspended. Therefore your installs will fail. This may come back online at some point as we are discussing things with the our host company. Ares Portal is now operational and proving very popular – lots of streaming options for both live and vod content . I will say we are already experiencing heavy traffic – so a little patience as the site is a little sluggish at the moment. Here is the install guide  Ares Portal APK system


This has been caused by our hosting company suspending some of the 14 servers they provide for the project. This is due to a targeted attack against Pulse and Ares build servers. The nature of this targeting is odd, in that there are easier ways to disrupt the way Ares Wizard works. The size of the attack rendered the host unusable for several hundred other users too. They have narrowed this down to our boxes and suspended several and severely limited the others, rendering installs impossible at this time. We are in discussions about mitigating the attack, reinstating other servers to restore anything we can. The hosting companies are working with “third parties” to analyse the attack further with a view to mitigation and limiting at a higher level. In addition we have several discussions ongoing with potential new hosts who “claim” they can handle our traffic and are able to mitigate DDOS attempts much quicker. There are no timelines with this, if we have to rebuild servers from the ground up, this will take weeks of work. We will prioritise getting the Wizard working first, then the add-ons, add-ons installer and the APK portal. The builds are purely down to hosts offering the right levels of bandwidth as the server configs are simple hosts.

Stay Calm and Carry On

We thank you for your patience during these frustrating times, it is the first major outage in almost two years, so we haven’t done badly for a bunch of noobs! We will be back and flying just as soon we can – please dont flood the forum, facebook page or twitter – nobody can help you and there are no quick fixes.