Your Best Build

You may be just starting out on your kodi journey, or maybe grabbed a new device, could be an update but everyone has the same question. You are dying to ask the question and the temptation is killing you.  What’s your best build? What should I download? Finding yourself wanting to fit in and have the “best build” is a problem that faces too many.  Anyone who has spent any time in the community knows this is the most asked question.

Once this question has been asked it is like a can of worms being opened. Then will follow random comments naming numerous builds all claiming they have the best one. These will be a mixture of what the person commenting uses and builders trying to promote themselves. After all these random people telling you what you should like, you will find yourself no better than  you were to start.  In some cases you could be more confused.

I am too familiar with how it feels to be a newcomer to the Kodi World. Free streaming and tech can seem so overwhelming when  you are first starting out. Now you have to find someone or a group to trust to clue you in on the best place to learn. Everyone claiming they have all the answers but then become too busy when you need them most. Let’s face it your goal is to figure out how to setup, run, and maintain your home streaming media center. Of course you want it to be the best; however, you also want it tailored to suit your needs and personal preferences.

Personal Experience

Now I know from my own personal experience in Facebook Kodi/Streaming Community how hard it is to begin. It is like you show up a decade too late to the party and everyone already knows each other and everyone has all the answers.  No one says they are the right answers but everyone seems to have them. On top of not exactly knowing what is going on it is going to seem like everyone is speaking a foreign language.

First off, let me assure you there isn’t a person alive who was born knowing all this information. Therefore, despite what some may lead you to believe, each and every one of us started out as confused as you. We all needed some basic guidance to help find a way to decipher all the information being thrown at us. In addition, we all have different learning styles so finding someone to accommodate this can be even more difficult. For most people, their entertainment center is their quiet place, their safe place, and the place they go to relax.

What is your best build?

  What’s the best build? This can be answered quite simply with just three words: There isn’t one. You might be asking why we cannot quantify which is the best build out there and there is a rational reason. There isn’t a best build because no two people actually want or expect the exact same thing from any build. This question is truly as arbitrary as “what is the best food”. Just like in my example we all have our own tastes whether they are eating or viewing tastes. Not only are our tastes different but our needs are also. Some people may be looking for a build that is centred around Movies/TV Series and want no sports; others may be looking for a build only focused on sports. It even goes beyond this because some might have color blindness or not like the background style a builder chose. As you can see the question of best build just seems as silly as can be and there truly will never be an answer. Choosing a build comes down to one thing alone: personal preference. There will be one build you will prefer above all others for whatever reason. So the best way to find your build is to get stuck in and try some for yourself. We each have our own technical setup, different devices, Operating systems, and technical knowledge. With all this being said; it only stands to reason you are required to test builds for yourself.


A Step in The Right Direction

All that being said, I know you are probably sitting there now saying to yourself. “Well that helpful….Not!! So if we change the question slightly from ‘What is the Best Build’ To What build will bring me the Best’ there is only one above all others that stands out. As mentioned find a build is not hard there is a plentiful supply at any one time. What you anyone new or not as confident with all this actually needs is to find A well maintained, well Supported build that is kept updated with the latest and greatest Kodi and free streaming has to offer.

A Build with A Real Community

In all my time within the Kodi Community I can honestly say that I have never Seen or heard of a build that is updated so often. These builds are maintained and developed by a team who take real pride in their work. They want the best and they want to give you the best. They have built a support group that very quickly became so much more. On entering this group after being in most of the other ‘Support Groups’ you feel like you stepped in a different world. Not a single question goes unanswered day or night. More importantly than that the answers are never the dreaded Smart A$$ or otherwise  derogatory, Non-Helpful answers you come to expect in Kodi Facebook Groups. You will NEVER hear the classicly annoying ‘Google it’ reply to any question. The team actually care about their Members and effortlessly go that extra mile to accommodate any requests, requirements or issues. It’s so refreshing to enter a group where everybody is just happily getting along and where the team and Members alike all take such pride in making sure anyone that needs help. Gets help.

What is This Amazing Community With the Fabulous Build?

Now you want to know what the name is of this Community with the build you can trust to keep you up to date with the more reinvent and useful Addons available at any time. Drum roll Please. (I’m teasing) The of these builds are the Midian Builds. There are 4 builds to choose from running on Kodi 17.8, Kodi 17.3 and Kodi 16.1 respectively. Named  Kryptic, Fantasy Life, Simply Krypton, and Kids Only. Midian builds are brought to you by the developers of the ever popular Wolfpack addon amongst others and the hugely popular BMC (Badazz Media Centre). Midian Builds can be downloaded from their Repo here or here     Kids only Build for the Midian family. (I know one little girl who will be thrilled in the morning.) Thanks Guys.

Kodi Fork With Wizard and App Installer

Or you can use their special Kodi Fork called BMC (Badazz Media Centre) Compatible with any android device,Amazon Fire TV Box and Amazon FIre T.V. Stick and can be used on Windows 10 with the help of an emulator such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. BMC (Badazz Media Centre) is a stand alone app that has a Media player and a fully stocked App installer already incorporated to bring you all the best of the free streaming app world as well as addon and builds. BMC can be found in the Google Play store here or if you prefer to use the FireDL method simply download download the FireDL app from Amazon app store or Google play store and check in the Midian Inc Facebook group for the lastest 6 digit code to download BMC directly onto your device. You can even have more than one instance of the BMC app on any device should you prefer. One version for the kiddies and one for grown ups for example.

How To Install BMC/Midian Builds for Krypton

  • Click settings (The cog wheel) Choose system settings Select add-ons Enable unknown sources Click settings (The cog wheel) Select system File manager Enter one of the following urls Double click add source Click on the <NONE Window (all lower case ) Click “Enter a name for this media source” Name it bad Select OK, then back out to your home-screen Select system > add-ons > the box icon install from zip Select .bad then install Where The Monsters Live repo You will see the enabled message Select system add-ons > the box icon > install from repository Choose Where The Monsters Live Repo > Program add-ons Select Badazz Media Center Wizard
Install it, then follow the on-screen instructions Which build you go with is entirely up to you. (They are all Top notch I can assure you.)  Enjoy

In conclusion

There isn’t many Teams, Addons, Builds in Kodi Land that I would vouch for outside of my own Extremely fabulous Streaming World Team of course. Midian Inc and their team are a Team/Build/Addon I can very comfortably recommend secure in  the knowledge that their standard of work is always kept to it’s Highest.    Please make sure to visit us at Streaming World Forum        we will be more than happy to help you with any of you Kodi, Free streaming issues, Questions or requirements.