Font Re-sizing in Krypton

Font: A font is a set of printable or displayable text character s in a specific style and size. The type design for a set of fonts is the typeface and variations of this design form the typeface family. Builders create their Project based on a theme. It could be geared towards Sports, Movies, a Specific TV Show or Movie character. It could be Nature, Space or an Abstract theme, the limits are endless. But there is something else that is always taken into consideration when designing these builds. What size of text but most importantly the type of Font to use. You can have some of the most beautiful, spectacular background photos in a build. But it means nothing if the user can’t read the text used to maneuver their way inside it.

Why Change the Font?

Most users change the font size more often than the style due to a Visual Disability. Not everyone has 20/20 vision and it can be difficult to read a Build. Another reason would be the location of their TV set in association to where the viewers are seated. Not everyone owns a 65″ Big Screen TV. What ever your reason maybe, here’s an easy way to change the font.  

How to change Font Size

The subject Build used was the Durex Build for Krypton. This was Randomly selected, I do not know nor do I have any connection whatsoever with the Builder(s). Skin used was their/his version of Xonfluence. font Once the Build has opened, select System.  Most krypton builds need to go thru a few start up procedures due to what the Builder may have/have not coded into it. Add-ons may be completing a “forced update” or performing a maintenance proceed. So just wait a few seconds before selecting System.   font Next step, select Interface.         font
  • Highlight Skin by hovering the cursor over it.
  • Move the cursor to the right and down to Fonts.

Font Options

  font A pop up window will appear showing a number of different options available to the user. To enable any of the changes described below, simply click on the option you have decided on.
  • Skin default- I like to call this the Fixer. If you make a mistake or don’t like the new look, click it to Fix it.
  • Larger font size- Does as described, makes the current font larger. This was used for this article.
  • Skin default without caps.
  • Ariel based- Style of font.
  • Massive- Changes larger into even LARGER.
  • Ubuntu Normal- best described here.
  • Ubuntu Bold- See above.
font Consequently, changing to Larger has indeed changed all the font as you can see above. Don’t forget if any change(s) you make are not what you expected or like, just return to the previous page and try another. Don’t forget to use the Fixer *wink*.

In Conclusion

Changing the Font is really very easy to do and many of our readers are well versed on the method. However, a new user/beginner to using Builds may be confused and unsure what to do. Why we are continuing with providing basic help Blogs for those who are new to Kodi. If you have any more questions about this topic or others, come join us in the Streaming World Forum. Free to join and best of all it’s drama and bully free.