Debug Logging in Kodi Krypton

What is the debug log?
A debug log can record database operations, system processes, and errors that occur when executing a transaction or running unit tests. Debug logs can contain information about: Database changes. HTTP callouts. Apex errors.
 “Sometimes you might be asked to enable additional debug logging“components”, which is an option in this same Settings/System/Debugging area. If you were not asked to enable anything extra, then don’t worry about those additional settings. Restart Kodi: so that the log file records important startup information.” (excerpt from kodi wiki) Kodi-Wiki Log file.

Disabling Debug Logging

Occasionally a new user will start Kodi for the first time after purchasing a “loaded” Android Box and encounter some very odd looking numbers at the top of their screen ! “Is my Kodi Broken?”. No this is not a scene from “Mission Impossible”, your Kodi isn’t about to explode. Here’s another Blog that is designed to help New Users as they experience all that Kodi has to offer. Lets get started : debug Because I use my PC to acquire screenshots, you’ll notice the information may not be the same as what you have on yours. debug Since we need to access the System Settings in Kodi, select the Cog Icon at the top of the page.  
Click on System Settings.


debug Scroll down to Logging, then move the cursor up to Enable debug logging. Click anywhere in the blue area to Disable/Enable this feature. In addition to Debug, you will see Events listed below. Highly recommended to leave this section Enabled, Why you ask? If at any time kodi “crashes” or if there any issues with any Programs/Add-ons/Repositories, a Log File is the best method to diagnose what is occurring within. Disabling will prevent this useful tool to work properly. debug Congratulations !

In Conclusion

Debug Logging can be done from within Kodi, but as a member of the Streaming World Forum, we think using the Ares Wizard is a more efficient and faster method. Here is one of the many FAQ’s we have listed in the Forum that will explain how to use it.  Most noteworthy, when ever you upload a Log file anywhere, please ensure you have edited any personal information such as Passwords.