Removing Icons

Well here’s another installation of our ongoing effort to help New Users to Kodi. This article will touch on two Icons that may appear once in a while, and when they do, they can be very frustrating to remove. The ES File Explorer and the No Volume Icons while harmless, will drive one to drink if you don’t know the secret to correcting.

ES File Explorer Blue Widget Icon

icons What on earth is that blue whatchamacallit and how do I get rid of it ! What is the cause and how to fix it ? There are actually two reasons why this may occur,  A) Logger Feature is the most common and B) New Files Reminder can also be a reason as well.
  • A.) 1.- Open Es File Explorer, in the top left corner select Settings. 2. – Click Logger Floating Widget Settings. 3.- Untick the top right box, and the widget will disappear.

  • B.) 1.- Open Es File Explorer, in the top left corner select Settings. 2.- Click Display Settings, then New Files Reminder Settings.  3.- Untick the top right box, and the widget will disappear.

No Volume Icons

icons So, you’re sitting comfortably on the couch enjoying a Movie/TV Show and decide to grab a beverage or a quick snack for yourself and the kids. But when you come back the kids are sitting there with a golden halo above their heads. Quiet, not a word, in fact it’s to quiet? In addition to the kids, the Volume is gone from Kodi ? icons Consequently you start pushing the Volume button on your remote even tried the volume control on the TV to no avail. Kids just shrug their shoulders when asked what happened. How can this happen you ask ? First of all it wasn’t the kids, it was the dog ! While you were gone they played on the couch and accidentally hit something on the keyboard or remote to disable the volume.

The Fix

Because there are two solutions here I’ll show you the easiest. Using the Keyboard, select F8. Yes, that’s all there is to it. The second option is for those with no keyboard:
  1. While watching the Movie or TV Show of choice, click on the Volume Icon in the lower right hand corner.
  2.  In the new window, Slide the Volume toggle at the Top to 0.0dB (slide right)if not there already, Icon should be removed.
  3. If toggle is at the far right, move it to the far left then return back to the right to read 0.0dB.
  4.  All done !

In Conclusion

Because the chances of the above scenario not happening exactly to you does not mean you will encounter the same issue. My first time occurred when I accidentally placed my hand on the wireless keyboard as I got up from watching a movie. I say First time as it did happen again, but I was prepared for it. As much as we all like to think we know how Kodi works, there will always be a little Gremlin that pokes a finger in your eye. Come join the Streaming World Forum where we have many more tips on keeping kodi simple to use. More helpful Blogs can be discovered here.