Kodi Upgrade Notification


  • Raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components.


  • An act of upgrading something.
  • 1.‘a room upgrade from a twin to a duplex suite’
  • 1.1 An improved or more modern version of something, especially a piece of computing equipment.
You have just installed Kodi or a Fork of Kodi for the first time, why are you receiving these notifications about an upgrade? “I don’t want to upgrade yet” you say !  “I want to understand this version better first”. Because Kodi wants you to always upgrade to the best version available, you will see that annoying message appear shortly after starting. As a beginner to Kodi trying to understand how to use it and where to go can be challenging at best. Should I press this? what happens if I don’t? What is this notification on my screen? Well, here’s another installment of our continuing series of Blogs to help a new user to understand Kodi. Rather than constantly clicking OK to remove the upgrade notice, we’ll show you a way to remove it completely.

How to Remove Upgrade Notice

This article will be split between Krypton with no build and Krypton with a build installed, the Durex Build. Both versions will be on Krypton 17.6. Now at time of publishing Leia, the new name for Krypton 18, is yet to be released in Beta format. But when it does, expect this notification to be just as annoying as it was in Krypton 17.1 to 17.6. Please note, this can be done in most if not all Forks of Kodi as well.

Krypton/ No build

upgrade After opening Kodi, move the cursor over Add-ons, then move to the top row and select My add-ons. upgrade Click Services to continue.   upgrade Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Version Check. So far so good right ?


upgrade Select Configure to continue.       upgrade Finally, the last step is to select Enable Kodi version check? Clicking anywhere in the blue area as shown in the photo will do the trick. As you can see it is now disabled, but in order to complete the process you must select OK.  Failure to do so will not set the changes made. It is also recommended to reboot Kodi to ensure the changes are locked in.

Krypton with Build installed

Since this build is using the Xonfluence Skin, you will need to select System. Unfortunately, due to the amount of different skins being used, I just can’t provide a Screenshot of them all. As long as you know where System is located, the following steps should be the same.   upgrade Select Add-ons to continue.
  upgrade Since we are using a build there will be one (1) more step than there was in Krypton with no build. Click on My Add-ons to continue please. upgrade This should look familiar to you, I’m sure many of you have scrolled right by Services. Well not this time, select it please.


  upgrade Once you open the Services section, scroll down to Version Check and click.   upgrade Great work so far, but just a few more steps and you’re done. Click on Configure.   upgrade   For this example, I left the Version Check enabled. Click anywhere in the highlighted area to disable. The red dot to the right will dim, indicating it has been disabled. But wait ! please don’t forget to click on OK or all this work will be for nothing. Rebooting Kodi may be necessary.  

In Conclusion

This was a simple set on instructions to follow but for some it does give some relief from seeing that annoying upgrade notification. Personally, I hated it, annoying to say the least. While I understand why it is there, I didn’t need the constant daily reminder. Have anymore questions that need answering? please join us in the Streaming World Forum. Where our dedicated Team are waiting to give you all the latest news and support in a drama and bully free environment.